Working Paper Model Steam Engine !

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by andyslogos, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    Hi All

    I've just started to build a 'fully working' (alledgedly !) complete paper model of an old 1870's vertical steam engine made by Ed Bertschy.

    The finished model can be motorized or even work of compressed air (with some modifications) hmmm.. now there's a challenge :mrgreen: I'm going to give the 'air' route a go, I don't suppose for a second that I will get it to work even If I finish building the model that is but I'll try.

    The model is built in 9 seperate sections and I have made a small website for it. I have just 'published' the first section's WIP photo's so pop over and have a look if you are Interested :)

    I will post here after each section is uploaded so you don't have to keep going back to look for updates. I will reply to any comments etc when I post back.

    Please bare in mind I am NO expert paper model builder ! I hope you like the site though :)

    Ed Bertschy's Amazing Paper Model Steam Engine

    Best regards

  2. redhorse

    redhorse Member

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for posting this and setting up the website. It looks really interesting, so I had to download the parts of course. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes out. The compressed air part is beyond me!
  3. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for replying, If you hadn't I wouldn't have bothered to post again.

    You and me both I think.....:confused:

    The more I do the more I think I have as much hope of getting this to run on It's own by air as I have of being a sole winner of a £200,000000 euro lottery !

    I'm still 'going for it' though.

    Anyway sorry to ramble, Section2 is completed and uploaded.

  4. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    Steam Engine

    If you are going to make it move, I suggest coating all parts with CA before assembling. Gives more rigidity.
  5. greenelf1967

    greenelf1967 Member

    i was thinking the same but i would use triple thick gloss spray makes pieces nice and smooth whilst leaving it quite flexible, i have got to have a go at this andy thanks for posting it
  6. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member


    Thanks for the tips guys but as I had already started it and printed everything out I couldn't really do (well apart from start again !) Also anything like that costs money, which I don't have. Just having some good quality paper would be a good start , not the cheap rubbish I'm using.

    I have to blame something....

    Anyway Section 3 is finished and on the site, to think I could have actually got this running on air, what a joke.

  7. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    section 4 done.
  8. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    Here are some things I found while making some mechanical models. Try to be as accurate and consistant in the cutting and folding and glueing as you can. Sand the working parts to try to eliminate any small imperfections that crop up.

    I had some gears in a mechanical model that kept hanging up. When studying the gear teeth some very very small imperfections were spotted. Trimming and sanding them away vastly improved the operation of the gears.

    Same thing with any sliding or rotating cylinders or other types of moving components. Make sure even the smallest and insignificant looking imperfection is reduced or eliminated. If you harden a paper component using superglue (CA) make sure there are no small lumps by lightly sanding the piece. It really, really helps the operation.

    Good luck with your construction. :)
  9. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    Hi SCEtoAux

    Thanks for the tips, I have no problem with that kind of thing though it was just the problem with the piston clearence (well excess clearance !) Firstly I shouldn't have coated the 'bore' with gloss paint as that was never going to leave a consistant flat finish, and even though I very carefully made the 'cylinder block' I didn't accurately measure it's Internal sizes before fitting the Piston, clever that eh !

    I guess It's easy after the event to see what you did wrong.. still damn annoying though, oh well it will still make a nice model and I think I will be a able to Motorize it in the end.

    To be honest I really DONT enjoy working with paper, so it is difficult to keep patient, calm and do a really accurate job. If this was a metal or plastic kit it would defiantely have been perfection and run on air !

    Hmm, thanks for that (!) I have some gears 'coming up' and I'm not looking forward to them one bit wall1

    Anyway section5 is finished.


  10. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    section 6 done, just another small one.

    In case you were wondering I don't finish the sections off every 10 minutes, I never make a model in order. As some parts are drying I just go onto the next bit that I can work on.... then you have lots of nice dry bits to stick to each other :mrgreen:

  11. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    section 7 done.

    It nearly ran on air after all, I think I was very close :sad:

    I tried it on a 'proper' compressor rather than a 'mickey mouse' diy air pump that's used to pump up car tyres etc.

    With the top of the cylinder still off (I had left it off on purpose) after putting in so much air it overcame the piston leakage and the piston shot up on it's own and flywheel turned round !

    Sadly because I didn't think it would run on air I had taken off the top 'piston' ring seal I had made and made the piston even looser so it would all be looser to be able to become motorized.

    When I glued on the cylinder top and tried again I put in so much air (continuous 30psi ! ) it blew the top back off (I forgot to degrease it before glueing) and popped out one of the sides of the valve control box (It didn't damage it, for some reason that hadn't obviously stuck properly either.)

    I hadn't tried to give it a helping hand at all, maybe I should have but I thought at this point that I had better call it a day while I still had a model ;-) At least I know it's built nice and strong :)

    Oh well so near yet so far :cry::cry::cry:

    Nearly at the end (at long last).

  12. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    section 8 & 9.
  13. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member

    Completed Model Pics posted.
  14. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    Well now, that looks really good. [​IMG]
    Too bad it did not turn out exactly like you wanted, though. Maybe next time.:D
  15. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Your model does look very nice. You were pretty brave trying to get the paper model to run on air. That would be very difficult indeed. But, again, very nice looking model in the end.
  16. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    It came out superbly. Shame it didn't work on compressed air, but I'd be really surprised if it had done.

    Nice web site as well. Do you have a next project in the pipeline ?
  17. 72BMWR75/5

    72BMWR75/5 Member

    Great looking model.
  18. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member


    Many thanks for all the replies and nice words, it makes you feel that all the work was worth it :mrgreen:

    Hey thanks, I'm glad someone mentioned the site, all my web sites are only very basic but they are still alot of work for me to do !

    Re another project, yes but not a paper one, dare I say on here ? shhh... a PLASTIC one ! (sorry) I was never going to do another paper model after the motor bike I made but then saw the engine. I find working in paper just to stressful and difficult to be honest. I certainly don't invisage doing another one at least for a long time ..famous last words.

    ... Defianetly not on this one Doug ;-) lol.

    Thanks again everyone

    Kind regards
    Andy :wave:
  19. bclemens

    bclemens Member

    Lovely model! Congratulations on the POTW. This one is definitely on my to-build list.
  20. andyslogos

    andyslogos Member


    I don't really have a clue what that means but thanks anyway Bruce (I hope !) I tried to google it and it came up as sewage treatment lol. I also found 'picture of the week'... I like the sound of that one better :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Anyway, at long last (had to wait for a camcorder) I have just posted some video clips, only large ones at the moment, small ones to follow. The quality isn't to good, it is just always so dark in my house.

    Also sadly as alot of you have probably already noticed the server is Very 'up and down' and continues to have problems (being sorted, alledgedly!) So if it wont load or is so slow, try refreshing your broswer, sometimes just a few seconds can make the difference form no site to a super quick one :eek: OR wait until I have the tiny clips up, 1 or 2 days I hope.


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