Working cars and roadways?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by thedowneaster, Aug 8, 2008.

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    I would think that, beyond the enormous cost of equipping a highway system on a layout with vehicles such as these, the whole concept of independently operated vehicles probably represents a totally different/separate hobby from model railroading as we accept it today. Perhaps one might see the trains as static displays on such a layout, with the operator running the vehicles instead of the trains. Likewise, it's probably a concept more appealing to the slot car element than to most model railroaders. Certainly, operating both simultaneously would be outside the scope of most individuals...and then what about all the other elements of the layout being just static in nature?

    Vehicles have historically always been just a part of the background scene on layouts, so it was not really important for them to move. Change this concept and the whole nature and direction of the hobby itself might have to change as well.

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    Wow that little VW is amazing! That might be something I could consider getting into!

    I love my trains, but I do not plan to operate them like most people. I have my layout ready for complete automated control. My layout will constantly shuffle trains into and off of the track giving variety and interest.

    I think it would be cool to still have some more computer driven cars going around to increase traffic flow. However, having a few interactive RC cars in the mix might be kind of fun. It sorta puts you in the seat for making turns down uncomputerized roads and railroad crossings.
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    I think having vehicles move without having to pay attention to them or control them would go a long way towards helping out realism. Still photos of highly detailed scenes with people and vehicles look great in the magazines. When you see the railroad in person, it just doesn't look right. It is almost as if the trains are running through some sort of frozen world where everything stopped except the trains.
  4. That's largely my point - we as model railroaders have our specific interest (the trains), and that's not going to go away. But maybe some friends that aren't interested in trains would love to visit our layouts and drive cars around the streets and towns while we operate the trains. And they might then be inspired to builde a gas station model or some scenery...boom, a new 1:87 modeler is born. Plus, others driving vehicles on our layouts also works in favor of prototypical rail operation, especially with DCC - sounding the horns at grade crossings, bells, lighting effects, corssarms, etc.
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    a working roadway would be really cool!

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