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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by MSBoxer, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. MSBoxer

    MSBoxer New Member

    OK, so I took some time off. But I am back working on my door sized layout and thought I would update you all.
    A quick shot of my trains (playing with the macro on the camera)

    Corner #1, you can see the start of the town and the hill behind. There will be more trees, and I think it should be a failry effective view block.

    Corner #2 - You can see the profile of the hill on one side and what will be cliffs on the other.

    Corner #3 - Good view of the bridge and the rising track through a "canyon". To be honest I am torn on how to address this corner. Part of me wants to build a removeable scene to enclose most of the corner in a tunnel, cutting down on viewable track and giving me more real estate for a farm or forest, or town.

    Corner #4 - The tunnel would begin about where the power pack is now and I would leave an opening in the side to view the trains. Thoughts? Can I get a sheet of plastic or metal to mount some foam to to make a stable easily removable tunnel roof?

    OK, an funky diagonal shot that shows most of the layout while I balance on a slowly spinning office chair. Hopefully this gives you a good impression of the layout. I am waiting on some track so I can finish my industry spurs and staging tracks.

    As always your comments and suggestions are not only welcome but deeply appreciated.
  2. mummert

    mummert Member

    First of all let me say your layout is looking great. If it were me I would close that corner in. Mostly because I like seeing tunnels. If you want to have the top removeable I dont see why it wouldnt work. The only down side I could think of is you would have a line all the way around where it lifts off unless you disguise it with some overhanging ground cover. My mountains I cut the sides out so I could rescue any derailed trains.
  3. alcuin

    alcuin Member

    Looks great! What are those supports you're using for the elevated track? Did you carve those yourself or are they a pre-fab product? I'm working on an up-and-over track myself and those would be really helpful.
  4. MSBoxer

    MSBoxer New Member

    They are the Woodland Scenics inclines(
    I would not built a layout with out them! At least not one with elevations!

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