Woodstock Thames Valley and Ingersoll Electric Railway

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    From John F. Due's The Intercity Electric Railway Industry in Canada, University of Toronto Press, 1966:

    This was the smallest of Ontario interurbans. Intended as a link between interurban lines from Toronto and Hamilton to London, it never became more than a strictly local operation connecting two relatively small towns. The charter was obtained in 1900. Service opened from Woodstock to Beachville November 8, 1900 and the entire ten mile line opened in 1901. Bondholders took control in 1915 and ran the line for ten years. WTV&IER covered operating expenses until 1925 when it was abandoned. Annual receipts thoroughout the life of the line averaged $25,000 or $2,500 per mile. The was built to the side of the road from Woodstock to Ingersoll on the south side of the river, except for the last mile into Woodstock which was over side streets. Normal service was two cars meeting at Beachville.

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