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    I'm curious to see if any other users have recently used the mod-u-rail system and has pics/layout plans of their layout.

    I'm moving back home to New Orleans in April to a new apt and would like to build a new railroad. I've been itching for the past few months to start something again. Just something to keep myself in the hobby and play with computer intergration (CTI for switching, signaling,etc...)

    I was initally looking at the scenic ridge kit, then started looking at the Mod-U-Rail stuff. Even though the module's will cost a more, I think they give you a little more flexabilty in the layout and the convience of modules if we ever move and for future expansion. Plus they come with everything and don't need much fabrication (handy for apt. living).

    Anyway, just wondering what other's have done with them.



    P.S. good to be back at the gauge after what seemed like a lifetime away from trains. :)
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    They do not come with "everything". You really need to build some form of support, bench/table/frame, because the foam is rather flexible, and, in flexing, can cause the track to lift from the foam base, when moved.
    They require almost as much "fabrication" as any other form of layout construction. Just a different kind. My experience with Woodland Scenics "layuot kits", is that you need more materials than provided in the kit, and you need to buy all the WS tools, in order to build the kit.
    http://www.the-gauge.com/showthread.php?t=1449 will take you to photos of my modules (HO)
    http://www.the-gauge.com/showthread.php?t=8601 (Ntrak)
    I think, somewhere between what I have, and the WS kits is probably where you want to be.
    There is also a "Modular layout forum" here on the gauge that might give you some additional information.
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    Woodland Scenics sells Mod-U-Rail stands. They come in three types, straight, corner, and square. They are basically pre-cut wood and hardware to build modular benchwork. I bought the straight one for an enventual extension of the layout. They are only available through their website or direct-order from WS. Look at: http://www.woodlandscenics.com/items.htm/ModuleStands
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    Building your own modulaes will be cheaper (and larger) than the WS mod-u-rail kits. The link to the Modular Forum is in my signature, and the first post is a list of resources.

    Check out www.railwaybob.com for a (photo intensive) tutorial on building modules.


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