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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jimmybeersa, May 22, 2001.

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    Well at last I got it right Not bad for an old guy with some help from his friends Now I can post some real good pics of when STEAM was KING Thanks for the help enjoy whats to follow
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    This is a 25 Class ,one of which was taken to make the Red Devil the hydrogen experimen
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    This is a 25 Class ,one of which was taken to make the Red Devil the hydrogen experimen
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    Sorry chaps for all the duds but I kept losing some of the string
    I have a collection of photos taken at the coaling bunkers about 100 miles from my house, a favouate Saturday pass time going to see what loco was making use of the point
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    Just want to say...its been worth waiting for the pictures!!!
    Thanks for sharing them..

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    Glad you worked it out Jimmy. Can you use your website space to store the pics? Make those URL's a bit easier.

    Love that second "olive green & black" one!

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    Jimmy, these shots are a real treat for those of us who don't get to see equipment from your corner of the world very often. Thank you very much for the effort and patience to share these shots with us. [​IMG]

    How recent are these photos? Your first shot looks like a beautiful passenger engine, yet it's obviously double heading at an ore dock. Where and when was this shot taken?

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    large number of Loco's were run ,this was regretfully the last time these Loco's would be assembled, only a few remain The rest were consigned to that great scrapyard in the sky Loud gnashing of teeth and..Tears, The first Loco painted red is an experimental loco Class 26 converted from a Class 25 which is the loco in the second photo The loco behind the "Red Devil " in the far background is a Class 23 also waiting for coal
    Hope this answers your question George
    Any one requiring more info can e-mail me
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    Seem to have lost the first part of the previous Post. Photos Are from the very last Festival of Steam hosted by the South African Railways at Kimberley famous for its Big Hole Dug by Diggers working claims on a Diamond Field in the late 1800's
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    Is The famed Blue Train, or whatever it's called still running into Zimbabwe's capitol from RSA, or am I out of date?

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    Great to see that you have the pictures up now Jimmy. Will look for many more in the future. I love those SAR SAS 3ft6inch gauge
    locos. Any Garrets?

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    http://members.nbci.com/Matthyro MAT
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    George sad to say our raillway system is going downhill at a very fast rate,The Blue train was put into mothballs but is running again from Pretoria to Cape Town . Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines wants to buy our other luxury train the "White Train " and run it to a huge Game Reserve that he has just purchased, A private group "Rovos Rail "is running a steam safari to the Victoria Falls weekly costs big bucks to travel with them They have a website
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    I said our railways was in decline check
    this out A few months ago commutter torched Pretoria Railway Station (a Histric Building ) because the trains were late due to signal problems. Well this week the trains did not run at all , The signal system between two stations were Stolen, stands, lights, cables the lot. Recently a Container train, stopped for a signal Hi-jackers held the Driver up ,beat him up and stole his watch,money and Cell phone, so while this was going on the two back containers weere emptied by the occupants of a 'Sqatters Camp' ( Informal Village) to be politically correct

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