Wood truss bridges in 0 & G

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  1. Mike R

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    These are red cedar truss bridges, the smaller in Lionel-0, and the larger in 1/24" for G gauge, ( with clearance for 1:20.3 equipment).

    The decks are the same as I use on my trestle kits. The
    G unit deck has 10 routed drainage slots through the deck ( not seen in photo ).

    The bridges are built as "knocked-down" construction, preassembled truss sides fasten to deck crossmembers with brass screws and/or escutcheon pins.

    Yep, I know....there's no metal truss rods on these two.....those are "optional extras".:D :D


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  2. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Nice lookin' bridges!
  3. grlakeslogger

    grlakeslogger Member


    Great bridges, Mike. So good, in fact, that I'd like to ask you to post a straight-down-from-the-top view. I am expanding my HO logging layout and need a couple of wood trusses for the "woods line". I'll be laying track most of the winter, but want to at least plan the bridges as I go. Yours have some terriffic lines! Did you use published plans? Thanks in advance for your reply--

  4. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Great looking bridges! A few more views wouldn't hurt my feelings either. :D

  5. Mike R

    Mike R Member

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I don't have any other views to post right now, and have no digital camera of my own yet.
    Please keep in mind that these particular units are designed with some prototype features, and some of what I call "semi-scale" features....which are those that try to lessen the "tinplate or oversize look" of Lionel or LGB track.
    For a views of the 0 bridge decking, please take a look at my post "Trestle Kits" in the Buy & Sell section, from 08-20-2003.
    It's the very same decking as used on the truss bridge.
    The G decking is very similar, but has through slots between each crossbeam slot, for outdoor drainage.

    The truss sides are mainly based on data from the Kalmbach book #33,( Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles )which are reprints from old MR articles. My units are much simplified, because I'm trying to sell such bridges, and most folks don't seem to like the price I want, for fully detailed structures of this type.
    I also use some design elements from other notes I made over the years.
    For those of you building actual scale bridges, I don't think you'd want to use the methods I used on these units. However, if you are, ( for instance ), using flextrack on a truss or deck bridge, these methods might suit you quite well.
    Maybe I can help further at a later date.
    ( Will have these two units, plus some decks and trestle bents, in the Brampton Ontario trainshow next weeked.)
  6. grlakeslogger

    grlakeslogger Member

    Thank you

    Thanks, Mike, for the additional explanatory post and for the "Buy & Sell" reference. There are plenty of days I wish I had a digital camera, too. Maybe with a computer upgrade I hope will come this next year. I am planning bridges for my HO logging line right now, so your posts helped. At the moment I am working on the subroadbed for the line and, for the first time, am seeing my future bridge locations in 3-D. All the best, --Stu--

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