Woo-Hoo my first Engine is here!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TN_Trainman, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. TN_Trainman

    TN_Trainman Member

    Well folks, needless to say I am happier than a speckeled pup with a milk bone, I bought it off of ebay, it is an 80 Ton 3 truck Bachman (Spectrum) it came with 3 log cars and a bobber caboose. I havent had a chance to check it out as I have no track (ARRGH) but it looks like it has never seen any use at all.

    If all goes well, benchwork should start right after the 1st of the year..I will keep all of you posted.

    Now to go and drool a few more minutes............

  2. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    Great for you.

    You will find some neet saw mills and lumber sheds on ebay also.
  3. CCT70

    CCT70 Member

    Wow, I've been modeling for 26 years, and *I* don't even have one of those yet!

    Congratulations on a great start, you'll love that Shay.
  4. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Beings yer a newcomer, I'll forgive this faux pas one time, now---where's the pics?:D BTW, they're a great loco, I have one and the rod action is too much...bettern' beatin' Arkansas on their home turf:thumb:
  5. TN_Trainman

    TN_Trainman Member

    Thanks guys, well I for some reason cannot get my pics to load, even when I take them to photo delux and try to shrink then to less than 68.kb (which it says all my pics are 98.3kb, no matter how small I make them) If I can fugure it out I will be more than happy to share them. In addition when I got home today the mail man had delivered my second box of stuff..........more cars and two diesel engines that were in the deal, I will be posting the diesels up to the want ads for trade or sale.

  6. liven_letdie

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  7. LongIslandTom

    LongIslandTom Member

    Photos of those items TN_Trainman mentioned from the Bachmann website:

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  8. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    Hey come on now! sign1
  9. Quinn222

    Quinn222 Member

    Wow, that's great. I'm afraid to even look at anything on e-bay for fear it would kill my meager bank account.

  10. TN_Trainman

    TN_Trainman Member

    Thanks Long Island Tom, yep thats it and the bobber as well, the log cars are Roundhouse, I got the Shay the three cars and the bobber for 135.00 including shipping...I was HAPPY!!!!!!:thumb:

  11. LoudMusic

    LoudMusic Member

    Ha ha! I live in Conway, but I'm no Razorback fan ;)
  12. TN_Trainman

    TN_Trainman Member

    Well lets see if this works.......

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  13. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    This diesel guy has to say he's impressed by the workings of that steamer!
  14. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Muuaahhh haa haaa haaa....:thumb:

    Great enough pics, George:thumb:

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  15. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    Me either :wave:

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