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    I am ready to buy myself a DCC controller and I would like to go with the Prodigy Advance. I have researched and found this one to be the one I want. I have priced them and found that "Tony's Train Exchange" has them the cheapest. I was curious though... How can they be $100 cheaper than direct from company? Is this really a reputable site? Don't want to throw $250 away if there are others here that have had a problem or heard of any issues. Seems to me I have even seen that site name in here before, and I thought it was nothing but good reviews.

    Please let me know if anyone has any info. As soon as have this thing in my hands, the layout buidling will begin....

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    I can't vouch for "Tony's", but I can give you some insight as to how he can sell something cheaper than you can buy it direct. It's call "price protection." That's where a manufacturer will guarantee that they will not sell an item direct to the consumer, or if they do, they will not price it below their list, or book price. That keeps them out of competition with their dealers. If for instance, "manufacturer A" sells an item they have listed for say $350 to Tony at wholesale for maybe $200. Tony can sell if for whatever he wants and maybe he's happy with just a $50 profit margin. Federal law says that's OK, and he is not forced to sell at the $350 list price, otherwise that's called "price fixing" and is illegal nowadays.

    There are other possibilities, most of them aren't legal either, but I'd say this is a good reason. Is Tony's OK? Don't know, never bought there, but I'm sure someone here has.
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    Micro-Mark has Prodigy Advance on sale for $194.95, I have bought from them with, no problems at all. Check them out before you buy.
    www.micromark.com item # 83178
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    I haven't used them, but I have read in many places of Tony's good reputaion.

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    I've bought almost all my DCC stuff from Tony. He's first class, you can't go wrong. I've many times called and talked about questions on my system, talking to either Tony or Ken. I think it's Ken. Had them install sound in my Stewart Baldwin switcher. Great job.

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    Manufacturers generally sell at full MSRP to avoid alienating their dealers. Some of them may not be set up for small orders and try to discourage them this way.

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