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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Clerk, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Clerk

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    In West Sacramento this evening a 20 year old woman was killed by a freight train trying to cross a double track. She waited for one train to pass and started crossing the tracks withoug checking the other track and got her dues by a freight train. One of the spectators said he had gotten a $150.00 ticket for crossing in this same spot last week and was pretty put out by it. Tonight he said he changed his mind and would only cross in safe zones from now on. Sure is a hard way to learn a lesson. The womens boyfriend was with her but lagged behind the woman which saved his life.
  2. brakie

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    While that is very tragic and sad it could have been avoided by three simple little words..STOP! LOOK! LIVE! Three little four letter words you can live by.
  3. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    There is a TV safety message here that shows three girls driving across a crossing and being hit by a freight coming the other way .Just like in the accident you describe Dick
    It seems to happen to every generation since railroading began. The warnings are out there but who listens!:confused:
  4. interurban

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    Very Sad dick....
    A few nights ago some one was stuck and killed on the GO tracks near the Guildwood Station.
    Common sense unfortunatly is not so common:(
    Therefore awarness of danger is lost.
  5. MCL_RDG

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    People are...


    I am bedazzeled when I do something truely stupid like, I ran a stop sign on a small side street once. My heart pounded after realizing (as it was happening, what I'd done) that I coulda been clobbered by a KWhopper (18 wheeler) or T-boned by ...

    I hope I'm never that stupid despite the fact that I try to always be observant- but I admit I am distracted by "things" while driving.

    That's just one way I don't want to "meat" a train. And, if I do I hope it's because I have a camera in my hand and the last words I utter are, "Whao, this'll be a really freaking kewl shot".

  6. RailRon

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    Mark, you won't have the time to say so many 'famous last words'. :D :D :D

    Many people still underestimate the danger of trains. Trains are faster here than we think - and very often they don't make much noise, either.

    Even railroaders make such deadly mistakes. Here a young engineer was killed a few weeks ago by a cut of cars pushed by a switcher. He climbed down from his loco and stepped away backwards - got into the profile of the freight cars.

    To add to brakies words: NEVER WALK BACKWARDS on RR property!

    And one more: NEVER STEP ON RAILS - often they are oily and slippery - and whack! there you lie... (I know, by experience :( But I was lucky, only my butt hurt for two days :p) But this could be deadly, too, if you try to cross that track just before that oncoming train... :eek:

  7. mhdishere

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    I take a commuter line to work, and at my station you have to cross the tracks to get from the parking lot to the platform. A few months ago this woman wasn't watching what she was doing, cut it too close in front of the train to begin with, then tripped and fell in her high-heels on the tracks. She was lucky, she managed to scramble out of the path of the train, but she knew she coulda been killed. I'm always amazed and how close in front of the train some people will cut it, they sit in their cars until the crossing gates go down, then shut off the car, get out, lock up, and scamper across the tracks.
  8. Topo

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    What a stupid and absurd way of lose the life... a young one, also. :(
  9. 60103

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    We've had a number of cases like that here. The track coming into the station goes from single to double. At the double track end there is a level crossing. Over the level crossing is a lot of parking. There are GO Transit enforcers there every few weeks giving people tickets. Freight trains wait for the commuter train to clear and then take a run at the single track.
    One night we were delayed because someone had been killed by the train ahead of us. The police were waiting for something official to happen. A fellow came up to the engineer and said "I'm the Toronto Coroner. Can you get me closer to the accident?" He said that he'd just finshed re-writing the rules on accidents, so that now they just had to move the body off the tracks and let the trains keep moving without waiting for the coroner. The train moved to the next level crossing and a railway truck picked him up.
    Very distresing when the PA announces, "We'll be moving as soon as the coroner arrives."

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