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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by chickenhawk, Apr 30, 2009.

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    I am going to build the Albatross designed for WOH. The model was sold electronically in 1/32 scale. I blew it up to 1/16th scale. It is a very brightly colored plane and has a lot of potential for a nice build up. It has some design challenges that I would like to change during the build. I will attempt to explain and post photographs as I go along. Researching the plane, the fun stuff, was not too fruitful. However, nothing ventured nothing gained. I hope to post in a timely manner and produce a close representation of the plane for the rest of you to enjoy. Pictures of start to come soon.
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    Cool! :thumb:
  3. chickenhawk

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    Here are some photos of the Albatross plane. The colors are not as bright as in real person. You can see there are no internal formers or wing spars etc. It appears that your supposed to fold the wings over on themselves. The fuselage has one internal former at the engine firewall. The rest are interior strips that butt the ends of the cylinders together. I am changeing those things and supplying spars, formers etc. The the best of what I can find on the internet and from guess work. Great model so far and I am anxious to see how it fits together. More photos of progress coming.

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    The paper in those pictures looks really thin, what weight are you using?
  5. chickenhawk

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    I printed it on plain paper just to show the contents of the kit. What I'm using for the model is 110 lb paper. I should have stated that.
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    Okay, first wing photo at 1/16th scale. I researched the wing airfoil profile and what I came up with is the design was a GEO 417. Taking a scan of that profile and reducing it to the close approximation of the kit wing dimensions gave me an airfoil which matches the profile of the real wing. Or good enough for my purposes. I then copied enough of those spars to get both upper wing sections done. They were then laminated onto cereal box cardboard and cut out. I drew each rib /spar location on the interior of the wings. One is positioned in the attached photo. I also strengthened the point were the vertical wing supports are or will be affixed to with small squares of cardboard.

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    In the fourth photograph, you can see how the glue on the rib caused the outside (bottom) of the wing to distort (dimple-up) slightly. This causes a realistic appearance. Next time you look at an antique plane, take a look at the bottom of the wing. It looks just like this. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

  8. chickenhawk

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    The spar/rib pulls the paper into the curved shape of the wing. After I get the rest of the spars placed I'll glue the top over each one. When it dries I'll rub a finger over each spar which causes a sag in between each like the streched linen or fabric on the real planes. It's hard to see in the photo at this point. It will become clearer once posted. As far as a dimple I hope that answered your question. If you find the picture of the dimple on a plane I'd like to see it. It may have not been intentional, however if it looks real I'm good with that. Note: I have seen some modelers emboss the ribs on the inside of the paper wings which looks good as well. Thanks
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    How's your Albatros coming along?

  10. chickenhawk

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    I ran into some difficulties--meaning---one of my cats took it upon herself to chew on parts of the plane. In the near future I will start over and re-post with the build. Got to love your pets...and put your stuff away. Thanks for enquiring.

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