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    Hi Johan,
    Thanks for your email.
    Oh yeah, I remember you now, Why did you change from American HO to British 00? If memory serves me, you were into British 00 round about 1991 - 1992.
    Well friend, I shall be seeing you soon, going over to your place next week, see you then.
    Ps emailed my address.

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    Oh boy!!shamus ,am I gonna listen to you,and try really hard to underststand every thing you write....by the way...the book I bought does emphasize DPDT switches...but after what I've been reading, and my own experience so far...I'll put my money into quality, esp.for elec. components,in the future.. [​IMG]
    thanks for the link..

    And I'll be really careful to double check any "How to" books or articles, before I follow the directions...

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    Thanks to Roger and Johan for your advice.
    (I just re-read all the repiles posted to my ???).I appreciate all of your help.
    I'll be in touch, directy.
    VGN [​IMG]<(hopefully in a few days,when the rain stops again!)
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    Your most welcome Virginian.
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    Hi, Y'all [​IMG]
    I've started designing another track plan,4'x8'.It will incorporate the 'S' loop(thanks y'all...I get it now [​IMG]) ),several yard sidings,at least one crossover and a crossing(is that what it's called when the tracks cross each other without an overpass?) and a meandering main line with a viaduct or two. Of course, eventually there'll be wooded mountains, tunnels, towns, farms,and sections of the Terminal Cities to add.... but I think I'll start with the small town of Mullens, up in the W.VA. mountains...that's where my first memory of trains comes from. I'll find a way to post the resulting track plan.. (It's all in my head right now)...I've got to re-arrange my shop to make room for the layout first.. [​IMG] . I know I'll need some advice when the time comes to wire it...I've learned a lot already, thanks again to all of you. [​IMG] (sun's out!)
    p.s. to George:
    Sorry for the confusion...I was referring to manufacturer, not type of switch...there is a post elsewhere re: Atlas track switch motors having improper amperage, and subsequent melt down of same..I'll be starting with Atlas 'twin' DPDTs,as that's what's available locally. But I will use another brand when I find out which ones to use and can get them. Any ideas/suggestions in that regard?
    By the way, I quit smoking (again) a couple of years ago...this is a positivly non- smoking area!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Hi Virginian, If you have a Radio Shack near you, they will sell the D.P.D.T. switches. By the way, take a look at the HO here, something for you.

    By the way George, If I don't have a cigarette every ten minuets, my lungs collapse. [​IMG]
    Also take a look at the photography section.

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  8. George

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    Hey Virginian, you've got my ears up!

    Sounds like in your travels you've had some problems with DPDT switches? What happened and if you know of a better way around them I'd like to hear it.

    My experience with electronics, delicate equipment at work and aggravated chief engineers has taught me first hand the effect of smoking on components. If any of you out there smoke or let friends smoke around the railroad, put a stop to it. It gets inside and gunks up everything worse than any imagineable dust problem. I've seen gear worth thousands of dollars scrapped from this.

    If you ever had any trouble with DPDT switches, which I have never heard of or seen, all I can some up with was that it was in a smokers environment [​IMG]

    Hey smokers! If you can't quit for yourselves and your family, do it for your trains! [​IMG]

  9. George

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    Virginian, you've got my ears up!

    If you've had trouble with DPDT switches, let's hear it and what your bypass to them is with superior electronics.

    I've never had trouble with these switches, and from my experience with sensitive electronic gear, the only time I've EVER seen trouble with switches failing was from being gunked up by cigarette smoke.

    If any of you smoke around the layout or allow friends to, STOP. You can't believe the harm you're doing to your mechanisms and electronics until they die and you disect them.

    As for ease in nailing things down and shifting them, Shamus is right about the surface, and I found Homasote the way to go.

  10. George

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    Hi Virginian!

    You've got my ears up. What kind of trouble have you ever had with DPDT switches? I'e always found them flawless, but if you have a better bypass, I'd like to hear it.

    If you've had any trouble with electronic components, it might be from the environment of your layout room. Dampness can be a factor, however dust is the worst culprit. If you smoke in the room, or permit guests to smoke, you'll regret it. Smoke gets into everything and gunks up contacts and moving parts. Likewise, I learned years ago the hard way from having a layout in the same room with an oil furnace. The soot got into everything.

    Aren't trains a great reason to quit smoking? [​IMG]


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