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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by kf4jqd, Jan 14, 2001.

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    Hello my name is Andy. I have some good tips on wiring. Here is what I have done to my layout. I have zig zap 1 common ground wire under the layout. Each side of the table I use a Radio shack power strips (catalog #'s 274-670, 274-659, 274-658, 274-656.) I connect an external 12vdc power supply. I am a ham radio operator and have alot of them! Remember: safety first. ALWAYS connect a fuse on the positive line! I also run the trains power supply to these around the table. This helps keeps the electrity flowing equally over the lines. We know how much dirty tracks causes problems. I also mounted these stripes on the frame of the table. I don't like crawing under there in the dark with my meter checking wires. I also use low brightness, clear Christmas lights as work lights around my table.

    Here are a few don't's. NEVER run ac pwer with a digital signal such as dcc. Digital signals can pick up what is called line noise. AC is a major source of it. (Hate it when it affects my radio communications.) Also with the ground under the table. Don't make it the ac ground either. Ac can affect sensitive IC's (computer chips.)

    As a Ham Radio operator and with a degree in electronics. Model railroading is quit fun. Very different from my childhood days. Hell, you can't make the whissle sounds anymore!

    I got borded with Ham radio. Latest Christmas I got my son a train set. Guess who feel in loved with it? Dad! If you have any comments feel free to say them. Or just ask a question.

    Before I go. Is there anyone out there that is modeling with the Rock Island railroad? PLEASE help!

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    Andy what do U want to know about the Rock Island? I know a couple of modelers and there is a society too [​IMG]

    Greg's Central
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    How can I join this club? That would be great! I am from Moline, Illinois. A neighboring city to Rock Island.

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    Wow sometimes i feel i shouldn't say anything, thank god for large storage files. i had to go back to an email that i wrote January of last year. Here is the link,
    i'm going to have to record this one on my site [​IMG]

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