wiring up a LED light?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Marxed, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I'm aware of what you're saying and fully agree. I'm simply saying that there are cases where it's not necessary. Yeah, I'd be a bit cautious when using a white or blue LED that costs around $3-4 dollars, and might even consider adding a regulator as well for extra protection. But I'd be less cautious if I was using a red, green or yellow one that I get for ten or fifteen cents. Somehow, the cheap ones seem to be more bullet-proof anyway.:confused::confused: Maybe because they've been making them now for over 30 years, maybe it's because that's the way life is. If it's expensive, it has a better chance of being damaged. Think about it, in an earthquake, isn't all the fine china and "antique" furniture the stuff that gets broken, and the everyday dishes and furniture from Wal Mart and Sears seem to make it through untouched...:eek::eek:
  2. Marxed

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    now that everyone knows my transformer and power info... whats the proper type of regular lightbulb to go into my trains?? i bought a replacement bulb the otther month and it wasn't as bright as the one it replaced soo i figured i bought the wrong voltage
  3. jim currie

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    not knowing what base you have any 16 to 18 volt lamp will do.
  4. Marxed

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    the lamp is actually wired in as i discribed how i wanted to do the LED light, wire to pickup and grounded to wheels... no fancy stuff :D
  5. jim currie

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    the simpelest is to cut wire to lamp and put led in the way Cid shows lamp wire to one side the other to frame.
  6. Marxed

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    ehh i decided to keep with what i knew and i just put in a regular bulb.... i cut out a tiny wooden fixture to hold the bulb infront of the headlight hole and then wired it.... the LED would have required a bit more work in mounting and i wanted to keep it simple to and non-permanent soo i could remove the fixure to keep the loco authentic to it's orgininal nature if needed

    i forgot to take pics of the fixture when i did it, and i allready closed the loco back up and got it perfect :D
  7. jim currie

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    was talking to a friend that is into tinplate he told me that there are driect replacments leds
    guess they are pricey he is going to fwd the info to me.

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