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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Amrap1, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Amrap1

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    I have a Bachmann Chessie C&O 4127 HO loco that I want to wire for DCC. I can't find any info anywhere! It seems to be a very simple Loco, Just 2 wires from the front wheels and 2 from the back on a simple PC board with nothing but 2 lights that are always on.

  2. shaygetz

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    Sounds fairly easy but a picture would be a great help if you can post one.
  3. Thoroughbreed

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    I've got a spectrum dash8-40cw dcc ready, and inside the shell is nothing more than a pc board atop the motor, but with a 8 pin dcc connector, which is prob what you have if its recent. Prob looks like this [​IMG]

    then you can put a decoder on to replace the plug [​IMG]

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  4. fseva

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    Need a decoder!

    announce1You need to decide which decoder you want to install... Do you just want control & lights, or do you also want sound? Does your analog PCB include a DCC socket with a dummy plug installed? If so, you can use a decoder with a DCC plug - just pull out the dummy plug and insert the decoder's plug. If you don't have a DCC socket, you need a "wired" decoder (no plug) - this is slightly less expensive. Along with your decoder, you will get a manual that includes all the info you need to install the decoder, including directions on which colored wire gets connected to the wires already in your locomotive.
  5. Russ Bellinis

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    If your loco isn't dcc ready, Loys Toys has a section of their web site with instructions on how to install dcc on various older locomotives www.loystoys.com I think Tony's Trains also has some helpful instructions on installing dcc in older predcc locomotives, but I don't have that site saved in my "favorites." I didn't see anything on their site about Bachmann locomotives other than some steam engines. What is a Bachmann C&O 4127? Is it steam or diesel?
  6. Amrap1

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    It's diesel. There are only 4 wires....Black and white from front wheels/motor and the same on rear wheels. The PC board between has NO diodes/resistors. I want to believe that it would/should be the easiest loco to convert.

  7. LongIslandTom

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    I managed to find a photo of that particular Bachmann loco Amrap1 said he had..

    It looked like an old Bachmann U36B. If I remember right, those used the notorious pancake motor drive, and only 1 truck is powered. I wouldn't even attempt to convert that to DCC-- It would be a certifiable nightmare.

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  8. fseva

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    Yes, it should be easy! Must not even have lights...right?

    All you need is a decoder with a decent instruction manual and you'll have everything you need. It'll tell you which color-coded wires should be hooked up to your black and white wires. Unless you're color-blind, it should be a piece of cake! :D

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