wiring reverse loops/atlas controller #220

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by douglasarcher, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a loop within a loop setup. My inner loop has a reverse loop (I've seen it described as an 'across' on other websites). The first picture shows how it is currently configured on my layout by using one power pack + an Atlas Selector. It works fine, but means that I have to make many changes on my selector in order to have it operate smoothly. Sometimes it gets very confusing for me because there are so many selections, especially if the train has to enter the loop/across from the opposite direction.

    So I saw that Atlas has a product called "controller #220". I read on the Atlas website that this product is good for reverse loops and wyes so bought a couple to see whether it can simplify my operations. My problems are :

    (1) the instructions that came on the back of the Atlas package are very confusing and doesn't seem to correspond to my layout especially considering that they show 2 powerpacks + at least 1 "Atlas selector" are needed, and

    (2) I can't find any useful information on the web about how to wire it. Most of the websites contain information about how to wire such things with switches you buy at Radio Shack (DPXX, etc).

    My problem is I'm in Thailand and we don't have anything like Radio Shack so I cannot just run out and buy things like that.

    I was wondering if it is :

    1) possible to wire the Atlas controller using just one powerpack thus allowing for the trains to go though the turnouts without jumping?

    2) if so, how do you wire it? (the instructions on the back display it alongside with an Atlas "Selector", but if I can get the same results with simply using 1 selector + 1 power pack then why do I need to have the "Controller" in the first place?

    I am not looking for an automated sytstem and don't mind pushing a few buttons/switches while the train is already inside the reverse loop / across. But perhaps pushing one or two buttons while te train is inside the reverse/across loop should be enough.

    Any information you all could offer would be most appreciated. Picture #2 is what I would like to end up with if possible.

    Thanks to you all. You've all been very helpful to me through other problems.

  2. douglasarcher

    douglasarcher New Member

    Track diagram using a selector + 1 power pack

    Soory, this is a diagram of my current layout and wiring.
  3. MasonJar

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    Don has a good How-To for posting photos to The Gauge:


    Be sure to observe the size (dimensions and file size) restrictions if you intend to upload. Also make sure that you click all the relevant buttons... And you can only create a post with uploads by going to the "Advanced" window. You cannot do it with a "quick reply" at the bottom of the screen.

    Click Manage attachments (opens new window)
    Click Browse... (opens an "explorer-type" window to look at the contents of your computer)
    Select file (only one at a time)
    Click Open in the Explorer window
    Back to the Manage attachments window - you should see the path and file name in the "File to upload" space
    Click Upload - Once you see the file on the list at the bottom of the Manage Attachments window, you are good to go
    Click close
    Complete your message text and post.

    Hope that helps

  4. douglasarcher

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    Hi everyone,

    I never did upload my layout plans because even when I made the picture smaller, the finer details became invisble (I was transferring the layout pictures from the free Atlas layout planner to BMP, JPG file formats). I just wanted you to know that in the end I decided to wire the reverse loop according to the wiring plans on the back of the wiring diagram whcih the Atlas controller comes in, which means that I have to combine the Atlas controller with an Atlas selector. Needless to say it is much more convenient than using just the Atlas selector to do the job (although just using the Atlas selector without the Atlas controller does work). Using an Atlas selector in conjunction with an Atlas controller does make it more convenient when my trains go through a reverse loop.

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