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    I'm new at this so please be kind. My layout is going to consist of an oval of 25' long 10' wide of fast track. I will be running the new lionel big boy. The transformer I bought is the 180 watt powerhouse also the tmcc track power controller. Also I have the legacy control system. Can I just hook up the wires to the terminal section or do I have to run wire to at least three other parts of the layout? If so where do I run the three extra sets of wires to the terminal section or the tmcc? Thanks
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    For a loop of track that size, I advise you to have a power connection (track feeder) to your track about every 6 - 10 feet. This depends on how tight the connectors on your Fastrack. Run your track feeders back to the two terminals (A or D and U on the New ZW) on the transformer. A or D is to the center rail and U is for the outer rails.

    A "star" or "hub and spoke" pattern work well. Hub and spoke very simple representation shown below. Imagine the track as a loop that crosses the end of each feeder.

    Go look at this post I did over on CTT forum to see a representation of the track drops I am talking about (This forum s/w will not accommodate spaces to directly post the same wiring scheme here)

    Re: Some Basic MTH DCS questions - Trains.com Forums

    You only need to tie the output terminal of the Legacy controller to the U (common post - that connects to the outer rails) of the ZW. TMCC and Legacy use the track common/outer rails as an antenna to broadcast to the loco.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

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    Thanks for the reply.

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