Wiring for Tortoise Switch, Peco Turnouts, and LEDs.

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Donn Welton, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. Donn Welton

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    I am looking for a very BASIC and CLEAR diagram of how to wire two Tortoise switchs to two Peco turnout that includes (a) one DTDP switch, (b) two bi-directional LEDs on the control board, (c) two bi-directional LEDs, one next to each of the two parallel tracks joined by the turnouts, all of this coming from a 12 V DC power source. Electricity is not my middle name and so I especially need to know (a) amp rating of LED, combined with (b) ohm rating of resistor, and (c) what gets soldered to what. Even manufacturer and part numbers, should you have them, would be appreciated since I will be be doing up to 25 of these critters and should order in bulk when I can. I am using DCC for the locomotives but want to run a separate bus with a conventional set up for the turnouts. And let me thank you in advance for any assistance you might give.
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    Wiring? HUH! Insulforg V/s electrofrog. HUH! I'm still confused. Try wiring up a double slip with switch motors and dpdt auto switches! Dunno how I did it, but it seems to work. Come to think of it, dunno how I wired the whole layout. Couldn't explain it, but it seems to work OK! A multimeter is essential for testing current flow and finding shorts. It was invaluable!

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