wiring an electrofrog double slip?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by dhutch, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. dhutch

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    wiring an insulfrog double slip?

    [EDIT] title should read INSULFROG [/EDIT]

    Ive got an double slip, but i dont know how to wire it, its a peco SL-390f (N-gauge, code55, insulfrog) - im wireing it into a DCC layout, and i dont know how goes?

    -As its insulfrog (unlike the rest of the turnouts) i assum i can use metal fishplates all round.

    -But what do i do with the four wires, where do i wire them!! - do i need a switch for them?

    thanks, daniel
  2. dhutch

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    well, i got board of waiting for a reply, so i did some playing/hard looking, and i found out...

    - even tho there insulfrogs, i need plasic joiners to the frogs (i dont know what i was thinking before)

    - the two central wires, can simple be wired up to the power, although they dont need to be if the incoming tracks are electrifyed, becuase there just conected together to the outer rails

    - the wires at the ends (that go the the frogs) have to be wired up so that the polaritys right for the direction of the point blades, but you can run without these if your loco are ok with "dead" frogs.
  3. dhutch

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    also, while im here

    - im right in saying that to get the pollarity right for the frogs i need to conect the wires to a switch on the point motor at the opposite end and of the slip?

  4. 60103

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    Daniel: If you have an Insulfrog slip, there should be no wires to the frogs because they have no polarity. If they're like the OO ones I have, you put one feeder to each side and the thing is fully powered.
    I put my feeders on the next section along, as I don't like soldering to GBP25 pieces of track.
    There should be instructions in the box it came in.
    There is a useful website called Loy's Toys that covers wiring of Peco points (and others) from a DCC viewpoint, but the basics are the same.
    If there is a wire from the frog, you may have an Electrofrog slip. This would require powering the frog through an extra switch on the point motor and insulating beyond the frog.
  5. dhutch

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    ok, thanks, i know what you mean about not soldering to it, but there are aready 4 wires that have being put on duing maufacturing, on the each frog, and one to each side oof the centre of the unit

    - as you say, i think if you feed power from "all four corners", the this is fully power, except the frogs, which can be power via tow of the attached wires, but it need the be swtiched with the movement of the point.


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