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    is there anyway to make wire straight? it comes in rolls and the curve is hard to remove on long bits needed for masts,antenna etc
  2. wunwinglow

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    Use some double-sided tape to stick some fine abrasive paper to the back side of a steel rule, (800 grit will work well, anything coarser will mark the wire) then just roll the wire under the rule, on a cutting mat. You might have to push quite hard, but brass and copper wire, and soft iron, solder wire etc will go dead straight after only a couple of passes.


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  4. cgutzmer

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    I like to use florists wire - it comes straight, is available in most any gauge and pretty cheap for a large pack. Most any craft store will carry the stuff. :)
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    Many many moons ago I used to work in a company that made the little flags that drop down when your instrument in your aircraft no longer was working. We would take a spool of wire and tie one end to a fixed position then tie a 5 foot piece to a wooden dowl. When you pull really had the wire will stretch and harden, you can then cut the lengths of straight hardened wire that you need. With the advent of digital gauges this knowledge will die soon, only living with all the other useless stuff in my head. I imagine you can use shorter lengths.
  6. Millimodels

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    The quick way to make a piece of wire straight is to stretch it.
    You have to be able to put enough pull on it to exceed its capacity to spring back (exceed Young's modulus in physics terminology).
    Hold each end in a pair of pliers and pull hard. You should be able to feel the moment at which it starts to stretch beyond the first limit. The second limit is when it snaps and you want to try to avoid going that far :)

    Robin Madge
  7. Zathros

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    Wire wankers.
  8. nebeltex

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    guitar strings...?
  9. Lex

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    I'm not sure guitar strings are straight either... ;)
  10. Amazyah

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    They aren't, at least not the ones I have found. They all come in small packages and are wound in a circle.:oops:

  11. MOS95B

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    And, most guitar strings aren't technically wires. They're cables.
  12. Zathros

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    The lower strings are cables. In a bass they are all cables (at least in my 5 string bass). As guitar strings age they harden and loose their tone. At the point a good yank and they'd be straight.
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    You can purchase straight runs of wire, although they aren't cheap. They come in 30 and 60 in. lengths, either in stainless or tungsten.
    For tungsten, go to:


    They have bulk packs of stainless, that I never knew about until just now:


    Small Parts is a company I've dealt with and have had nothing but good, dependable service- stuff is packed well in tubes and delivered in a timely fashion....

    I think the smaller diameters (say .005 through .009) is suitable for 1:72 scale, to give you some idea what may be appropriate for your subject.....

    Also, have you considered using heat-stretched plastic sprue for your subjects? It may be the cheapest alternative of all, but it all depends if you personally find that method acceptable.
  14. Kjev

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    Pliers and a lot of time carefully straightening it.
  15. charliec

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    An idea from an old thread says - clamp one end of the wire in a vice, grip the other end with multigrips then hit the grips with a hammer. The wire stretches slightly but comes out dead straight.

    With copper wire it's a good idea to anneal the wire (heat till the wire goes black, then plunge into water) before trying to straighten it.



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