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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by tilbarr, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. tilbarr

    tilbarr New Member

    Has anyone done a winter themed layout in N scale? I was thinking of doing my layout in this season and was wondering if anyone had done it out there and had any sugestions for things such as icecicles and what they used for snow.
  2. Dragon

    Dragon Member

    HAven't tried this yet, but it's in the future as I want a small N-scale christmas display.
    So here goes:

    For snow I plan on using uncolored plaster. Since N-sclae is too small to see individual grains of snow, I'm just going to smooth on the plaster like cake topping, using a spatula to give the "flow" of the snowbanks. Once it's dry, I plan on giving it a clear-coat to keep the plaster form yellowing, then a light dusting of silver to give it the sparkling quality of fresh snow.

    Icicles can be built from either scotch tape rolled into cones and covered with epoxy, or just stretch plastic sprues and paint them blue-white with a silver dusting.

    once it comes together I'll post pics, but I hope my ideas can help.

  3. tilbarr

    tilbarr New Member

    Thought of using plaster didnt think of using spatula to give it the flow look. But have tried coloring plaster with a nale polish my wife picked up kida a silver color with hints of blue and green like they use on christmas decorations. I dry brushed it onto some plaster casts used in a christmas scene for my wifes town she sets up at christmas. That just might work well for the trains. Thanks for spuring the idea. and the tips for icicles.
  4. sputnik

    sputnik Member

    I did a little under-the-tree type of layout. Busch makes a powder that nicely simulates snow, which you dust on, and then wet down. I was able to dust on some evergreen trees, then wetted it down, and they've stuck on since. One bag covered the appox. 22"x36" layout. You can also use more water to make it into a bit of paste for getting on walls and stuff.

    I haven't gotten around to trying icicles, but I think scotch tape would be too big. I am going to try to "form" some icicles somewhat like the real thing with different glues.

  5. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    What about glue on nylon fishing line for icicles?
  6. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear Member

    You could try joint compound for the snow. It comes already mixed and is easier to control than plaster. It also has a little sparkle.
  7. trains1972

    trains1972 Member

    I did a winter layout. For the snow I used woodland scenics snow. My son came up with an easy way to put it on the tracks. He sprinkled it over and plowed it with a small thin board until it was smooth with the rails. Then he took hairspray and from about 3 feet sprayed the area. Then he used water glue mix 50:50 and a windex bottle and spray a mist until the area was soaking wet. It packed the snow down. Then I took a small screw driver and ran that along the inside of the rail to open that up and pulled off the top layer carefully not to pull too much out. Here are some pictures they might give you an idea.
    For the last one I dripped white glue on the thread and shook the snow as the glue was dripping but you could try white thread glue and the snow to form icecicles.
  8. tilbarr

    tilbarr New Member

    Thats cool "Trains1972" looks great. Thats what I'm looking to do. the snow looks great on the track, nice drifting affect, your son had a realy good idea think I'll try it. Thanks for the pictures to. And thanks for the other ideas. I'm doing more of a country themed layout. I've made so many trees the 2 local hobby shops ran out.
  9. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    Very 'COOL'! I am thinking of having a winter scene on my layout too.
  10. engineshop

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