Winner(s) for July/Aug 05

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by ezdays, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    We have a tie this time. They were all good entries and I tried to make it easy for those that couldn't pick just one. The results are that Shaygetz and Gary H Pfeil have tied. Trainworm was a close second place. Their photos will all go into the gallery.:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Thank you all who entered. I would like to hear any comments regarding the "multiple choice" voting, allowing you to vote for more than one. It appears to have been sucessful and it you all like it that way, that's the way we will do it from now on.
  2. Chessie6459

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  3. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    Congratulations Guys.
    Great photos. :thumb:

    I like the "multiple choice" voting.
  4. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Oppps, screwed up and posted the wrong dates for this Was: Aug/Sept, changed to: July/Aug.

    September contest is still running folks, I hope you pay more attention than I did...:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  5. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Congrats guys.
    Look for your pics in this issue of the E-Mag.
    Congrats again!
  6. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Hey, that's great Ed. The winners, and second place pics are also now in the "Winner's circle" in the gallery.
  7. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Was going to mention it, but because of the death of my mother, I totaly forgot....I'm Sorry.
    My staff and I, (Mikey and Val), (sounds official don't it) have decided to use winners of the photog contests as cover shots for the E-Mag.
    Sorry about that...My fault.
  8. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Congrats guys, Don was right, it was a tough contest this month.

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