Wings of Horus BE2e

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    Subject: BE2E
    Scale: 1:33
    Publisher: Wings of Horus
    Designer: Tomasz Kopecki
    Distributor: Wings of Horus
    Format: Unlocked PDF delivered electronically

    As a result of a 3rd place win in the WOH aircraft competition, I became the proud owner of Marcus' latest release, the RAF BE2 e. This one is a museum quality model in 1:33 scale that by far exceeded any of my expectations in a paper kit. 3 pages of history and specs, about 12 pages of parts and very, very detailed instructions. The kit was designed by Tomasz Kopecki. I'll do a detailed write up on the bird when I have time to get a closer look at it. In the mean time, head over to Wings of Horus and have a look for yourself. It's well worth the 12.99 and the almost 11mb file size. As usual, Marcus' delivery was very quick and it's always a pleasure talking with him.
  2. Ron

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    Out of curiosity, would any of our Polish friends know Tomasz Kopecki?
    The problem with usernames or nicknames is you can never find anyone
    when you need them :)

    All the best

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