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  1. Tbolter

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    Ron's description of the right way to assemble fuselage sections was I can stop hiding all the misaligned sections on the bottom of the fuselage.

    I've been using old Fed Ex envelope material (I think it's Tyvex) for joining strips and other reinforcing. It's very strong, glues well and will take color with a little persuasion.

    Now to the main question...wing warp. I have seen some discussion in past forums about avoiding warp however the issue still seems to be up in the air.

    I'm pretty sure there's someone out there that knows how to fold a wing without warp! Or maybe everyone knows...except me.[/i][/u]
  2. 57townsman

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    You're not the only one, I asked before but there was no definitive response. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? 8)

  3. wunwinglow

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    Depends what is causing the warp. I use fairly heavy paper, usually photo type inkjet stuff, which seems less susceptable to 'cockling' due to moisture, or solvent penetration from glue. If the warps are arrising from the trailing edges distorting, I try to cut the wing so there is surplus material along the trailing edge, glue reasonably liberally then trap the wing edge between my work surface and a steel rule, with a few weights on top. Once the glue has dried, the surplus material can be trimmed away, leaving a straight, clean edge. You might have to leave it for a day or two to dry out thoroughly though. You have to be careful getting the printed image of the edges lined up top and bottom.

    Hope this helps,

    Tim P
  4. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    Thanks Tim! It sure does :D

    I will give that a try on my next go-round. Do you glue the skins to the ribs or leave them free to adjust themselves?


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