Wing Commander 2 Clydesdale Class Transport 1/1000 scale.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gomidefilho, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Gomidefilho

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    Well friends!

    This is mine finishes creation. The Clydesdale Class military transport of Confederation Navy from classic and old game Wing Commander 2 The Revenge of Kilrath.

    I don't need to say that that cargo ship is one of my favorite of the game, :mrgreen: the model was done in the scale 1/1000 (it is tiny, with 7,3 cm of length), for the time being he is not available for download, why a test went to a larger version than I should begin soon in the scale 1/200. The textures and the model comes from great Mod Standoff for Wing Commander Prophecy, the model I got making a partnership with Eder Vieito, one of the main creators of the models 3D of that mod that reviewed me some ships...



    I made some pics with objects for size comparation: a toothpick of teeth, some small coins of Real cents (Money of brazil of course :thumb:) and an old roll of photographic film...

    Soon I should post the development of the model in larger scale and him will be available in the page Paper Commander Paper Commander - Wing Commander Paper Models (Moderators excuse if the comunication of this address is in the wrong place...)

    Cheers! :wave:
  2. cgutzmer

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    very cool! and its just fine to advertise your site here :) In fact make sure your link makes it into the WIKI :D
  3. FlareBaffled

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    Please release the tiny 1:1000 models too! I love tiny scale things like that. Doubly so when you can build the bigger ships to the same scale! They look so muck nicer all lined up when they are the same scale.

    Pretty little build too :thumb:
  4. Gomidefilho

    Gomidefilho Member

    Thank's Friends!

    FB no worry! :mrgreen: Clydesdale it will be released in three scales: 1/1000, 1/300 and 1/200. I believe in two or three weeks because im building a second version in 1/200...

  5. Hot4Darmat

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    Oh, Thank you! I'm another huge fan of this stuff. Can't wait.

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