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  1. Jimi

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    Hi! im james and im new to this site. Though i am not really new to "paper sculpting" airplanes, (i built 2 card aircraft, one is of my own design for some project, another which is not yet finished and a macchi MC205. it was only now where i attempted to add realism and accuracy to my latest project (an aircraft of my own design for a major subject) by using autocad and not using an illustration board frame. Since i was planning to add windows to make the insides of the cabin visible, i intend to use photocopier acetate to make those windows. But the problem is, how'd u stick them to paper? if i use cyanoacrylate adhesive, it might well, frost the windows.. Any sugenstions on what material to use or how to stick acetate without making so much mess?
  2. Leif Oh

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    Well, I've used ordinary white glue so far. Works fine, particularly if you make inner and outer frames for the windows, with the transparency in between. One big advantage is that you can wipe off excess glue and smudges with a toothpick, at the semi-dry or even dry stage. I like feeling comfortable with that little extra space for correcting mistakes (after having some horrendous experiences, like you, with CA).

    If you feel adventurous, I know Rob (JRTS) on this site has recommended a heavy-duty clear glue (strong stuff) which dries completely transparent if you handle it correctly. I leave it to Rob (whose having his birthday today, no less) to give you the address of the maker (British) and a short run-down on how to apply it, straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. I have not yet dared to use it, so I can't say anything at this time.

    In any case, feel most welcome to the site, and do not hesitate to share photos of your present or past projects and tall building tales!

    Best, Leif Oh.
  3. jrts

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    Hi James

    First welcome to the site and post away with the photos of your work and builds.

    I have just seen Leif's post with regards to the glue.
    The photo below is the glue in use.
    You must keep in mind that I have only cut a coke bottle in half and thrown some glue on it, did not take my time at all.
    This took only seconds to do and if you take you time it can not be seen at all

    Have fun, we all do :lol:


  4. barry

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    I use UHU to stick the frames to the plastic the trouble comes when you stick the plastic to the airframe when it wants to spring back to the flat shape.

    Welcome to the nut house

  5. Jimi

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    if finally got the windows attached. i sandwhiched the photocopier acetate between the 220gsm cardpaper and for the interior, cheap construction paper. :) as for the windshield, i also used photocopier acetate. I just taped them at the edges using 3m transparent tape (it's quite neat). Thanks for the tips.. :) I'd try to post pictures of what im doing once i finish the entire plane..

  6. Horus

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    I've used a product called "Krystal Kleer". It's a PVA based substance made by the same folks who do microsol and microslide decal softening liquid. I think it's available in the States. It works fine for small fuselage windows up to 1/4 inch wide.

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