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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I will try anyway.:) I have started making structures from card stock and cereal bord etc. I use graphics printed from the computer. I think that they look good except the windows. Do you know how I can make more realistic, recessed, and possibly see-through windows without having to buy much anything if anything? Thanks
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    Use the stiff plastic packaging like that on Atlas turnouts. Lots of other consumer goods come packaged in similar material.
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    Just about anything you buy these days comes packaged in clear plastic: save some flat bits for use as window glass. As for the window frames, I'd suggest saving some plastic lids from things like cottage cheese containers and cutting them up into narrow strips for use as window frames and mullions. Or you could use the same clear plastic as the glass, painted window-frame-ish colors. As a third option, you could cut out the windows from the clear plastic, use bits of painter's tape to mask the actual window glass, and then paint the plastic. Once the paint is dry, peel off the squares of tape from the window to reveal the glass with now-painted window frame.
  5. Thanks, I also want to know how to easily make it recessed like a real window?
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    It's all done with layers. Cut your window opening in the wall, then make the window frame larger than the opening so that it sits behind the wall. The thickness of the wall is your recess. If you want it recessed further, just add another layer to the inside of the wall around the window opening, then attach the window frame.

    Hope this helps. :D


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    I struggled alot with this myself, not wanting to buy the windows for scatchbuilding because of the cost. However, after many, many, many, failed attempts and methods, I finally started looking into how much they would cost. Lets just say Grandt Line is my new best friend, but I sure will try Spitfires method above as well.

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    Take a look through The Academy as well - link in my signature. The section "Robin at his best" may have some useful tips for you.


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