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Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by treadhead1952, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. treadhead1952

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    Hi All,

    Being of generally unsound mind and doubtful sanity, I have decided to become an early adopter of Windows 8. The main reasoning behind this is everytime they come up with a new operating system I usually waited until as long as a year before jumping in figuring that they would get all the bugs worked out by then. Each time that I have done this in the past it usually worked out that the early adopters got software at ridiculously low initial prices while they did have to deal with a few oddities and strange little things. By the time I got around to it and had funds available to do the deed, it would be anywhere from three to four times what it would have cost otherwise.

    Well, I have been reading and experimenting around with the betas, keeping up with Chris Pirillo, Kim Komando and a few other of the online guides checking things out and decided what the heck, in for a penny, in for a pound. I ordered the download from the Microsoft site and included them sending me a hard copy on disc so this saved me right around $12 off of what it would have been had I just walked into the either one of the "Office" places and offered up my plastic. I also read up a little and discovered that you can get a free edition of the Media system by signing up and having it delivered to your E Mail Adress within 24 hours of hitting the "Enter" key. I will have to cough up some more dollarations for a new DVD player since the one I am using is a hold over from many moons ago and is no longer compatible with the new OS. Oh well, such is life, it has been with me since I loaded up Windows 95 so I figure that I have gotten my moneys worth out of it.

    So stay tuned as I work my way through this and you will get to see how it goes for me as I go through the transformation to Microsofts latest and greatest.

  2. micahrogers

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    Please do keep us informed. a couple of us here are sure to be interested in the newest "Windoze"(tm)
  3. subnuke

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    My Dad loaded it on a laptop to try it out. It definitely looks like it will be real useful in the future, but without a touchscreen device, it was a serious case of "What's the point?" There is a very real possibility it will wipe out everything you have on that computer so be very careful when you put it on.

    As usual, hardware restrictions are tightened even further than previous versions, which I think is good. It burns me up when I get sloppy hardware and poorly written software, all with the excuse that it is windows fault.

    It can be touchy when using a mouse. Tablet computers will definitely be better off with it than with previous OS offerings. My recommendation is wait for the hardware to catch up with it. There are touchscreens available, but I would bet the next generation designed with Windows 8 in mind will be a much better integration with the rest of the hardware.

    For those who got it just to try it out because of the deal they offered, be prepared to have to reinstall things. Software written for windows 7 should be ok but anything older, you will probably have to reinstall. I didn't say compatible with, I said written for. On my Dad's laptop, everything was gone, so I think it gets rid of what it doesn't like and you install again to try to get it to work. Make sure you back up EVERYTHING before you install or you may get very upset. If your hardware is old, as in made for something other than windows 7, be prepared to replace it, just like all the previous windows versions. Tighter hardware restrictions means inexpensive stuff may be left out.

    This version will make a new type of computer possible. We just have to wait for those computers to come online.

  4. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Well so far it sort of seems like a bit of a snooze while waiting for all the stuff to load, sort itself out and fiddle around. Then there was the finding out where everything went. Then there was the jumping through hoops of digging up enough E Mail Addresses to make it happy and prove that I was a real live human being after all and not some nasty bot looking to take advantage of Microsoft latest and greatest.

    I am still exploring so I will let you know if anything interesting pops up.
  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    If you don't have a touch screen, there is no need to download this. If you don't intend to have a touch screen, then you will not need this. Windows 7 Professional will give you everything you need. All upgrades of Windows 8 from Windows 7 will wipe out the hard drive. That is stated everywhere. I am not sure I would buy this over Windows 7 unless I where building a new computer and were definitely adding a touch screen. The update is cheap enough.

    You can get a Windows 8 upgrade Professional from XP, Vista or W7 for $69.99 (Pre-Order) ( ) This will wipe out your hard drive, of course, you could always mount it on a new hard drive and slave the other. Clone your present hard drive onto another hard drive, then install W8 Pro on to the original Hard drive. You will end up with Windows 8 Pro on your computer and have your closed previous Windows O.S. as a slave drive. I don't think it will validate though and may not work as an independent O.S on the machine, but all you files will be there and be easy to access.

    You can get Windows 8 Professional FULL OEM for $137.00 here $2.00 dollars cheaper than Both are great companies to deal with.

    I think as more computers come on line, OEM software will start to appear drastically reduced. Doing it this way means you won't lose your previous system, by installing it on a separate hard drive and creating a dual boot system. Just my opinion, but without a touch screen, I don't know why anyone having just purchased Windows 7 should bother. If I were building a new machine, I might go that route, of course adding a touch screen 24" monitor would set me back quite a bit. :)
  6. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi Zathros,

    I downloaded and installed Windows 8 successfully. Admittedly, like every other upgrade that I have had to deal with it seemed to take forever for all the little bits and bobs to get downloaded and assemble themselves in the proper order and places. It hasn't erased anything from my hard drives, I did a download and upgrade over Windows 7 that has been scrupulously updated and kept current by using Windows Update, Securia Software Inspector, and a little help and advice from Kim Komando, Bob Rankin, the folks over at Windows Secrets as well as Chris Pirillo. It starts up about as quickly (or slowly, depends on your point of view) as it ever did. When everything has settled down I have a nice uncluttered screen with the days' date displayed and my name. Hovering my mouse pointer up in the upper right hand corner displays the symbols for the search box, share, start, devices and settings links. Hitting start opens up the page where all the graphic representations for the various program links are and you can select from there using your fingers on displays so usable or your mouse pointer. The desktop is still there although the start menu is gone. The functions all still run the same, firing right up as soon as they are clicked.

    Now I am planning on getting my first note book computer this coming Christmas season, it will have a touch based screen, so that is why I wanted to be an early adopter. I also thought ya'll might be interested in how it goes for me to see if you might want to do the same or refer to any points that came up when I tried things on my end.

    There were a few programs that no longer functioned with the new system, in my case, the Logitech Mouse and Keyboard enhancement programs were useless so I ditched them through the control panel, had to use the search function to dig it up, and then on to the standard program uninstall that is so familiar to us all. As I come to others I will see how it goes getting rid of them and seeing if there is anything of interest in that process.

    I did have to update my Adobe Flash Player, that was picked up on by my Securia Software Update Program going to their latest and greatest. This morning in my E Mail I found the promised code key to the Windows Media Program that was offered during my purchase and download process yesterday evening. That took another block of time to bring up the proper place to put the key in place and then activate the software and let it percolate it's way through my system and get itself adjusted and in place. But the instructions included in the E Mail message were direct and easy to follow as to how to get to where you needed to go and what to do when you got there. I have to get a new DVD software program purchased and installed yet, that is next on my agenda.

    I had already updated to the new Outlook E Mail program and had my mail in the cloud so that made it easier to work my way through all the little things that needed to be done there rather than try to deal with a native E Mail program.

    Now I can hardly wait to get my new little notebook so I can start swapping the stuff on the screen around by fingertip. It should be a gas. ;)

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, total price so far for the software download and hard disc coming my way was $58.88 from the Microsoft site.
  7. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    ImgBurn is the best video and audio burning program in existence, it allows Booktyping and it's free!

    VLC media player is the best media player, it is also FREE, plays DVD's and a lot more stuff that Windows Media can't touch. I don't know why anyone would pay for Windows Media Player? :)
  8. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi Zathros,

    Well I just snagged a copy of Power DVD 12 from a buddy and used it. Celebrated by watching an episode of Farscape. ;) So now I am all set and percolating along with the new operating system, checking out all the bells and whistles. So far nothing jarring seems to be jumping out at me. Rather than using the Start Box off the task bar I just use the search feature to pull up anything on the 'puter with no problems. It seems to handle everything fine, downloaded a new update for my Apple iPhone 4 this morning, synced some new tunes I had in iTunes and even though it is a different system it is also playing nice with Windows 8.

    I did use all the down time while it was reloading stuff on the 'puter to clean up the hobby room, put stuff away and get it ready for some more leather work, card modeling, and water color art work.

  9. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I think ImgBurn works better than PowerDvd, as far as burning. If you are doing editing, another issue. I was on a forum for manipulation of DVD's, if you are interested, send me a P.M.
  10. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi Zathros,

    I still have my old copy of DVD Ripper which works with this new Windows edition amazingly. It peels DVD's apart so you can do pretty much what you please with them. The Power DVD 12 was just a nod to get the freebie Windows Media Center set up working with 8 as it did for me with 7. The only video camera stuff that I have are on my iPhone and I doubt that I will be doing any video editing, but thanks for the offer.
  11. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    After I use DVDFabDecrypter from (scroll down to the bottom where it says "Free Stuff"), I then use DvDShrink to do what I want with the movie, usually when you remove all the stuff that isn't the movie, you get the move without any compression. All this stuff is free.

    DVDFab HD Decrypter is the one you want. Then DVDShrink.

    I also ordered for $69.95 Windows 8 Professional Upgrade. I have a copy of Vista Professional 64 Bit, I never used and this will allow me to finally get something out of that mistaken purchase, I can upgrade it to Windows 8. To me, this is better than doing it the "Download" way as I get a disc and can do it whenever I wish, or sell the whole package.

    I want to build a High End computer in around a year from now. I just built two and purchased my son a smokin' Laptop, the wife will kill me if I try to build another one! :)
  12. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi All,

    Continuing on with my Windows 8 installation, after living with it for a while I finally decided that until I get a touch screen laptop as is my goal for this holiday season for myself having the old "start" button back in the lower left corner of the task bar is a worthwhile addition. With Windows 8 and the touch screen feature you can touch and bring up the right hand side to access the various functions that the start button did, without it you have to jockey the mouse around too much so that little button and all the features that it performed is much better.

    Looking around on CNET, I decided on Stardocks' Start8 software to do the deed for me. While there are a couple of free programs that come close, the Start8 lets you run through a series of set up initial settings so you can tailor it to perform pretty much exactly as you want it. It does cost the princely sum of $4.99 so if you want free, there are programs that do come close, but they don't have all the features that Start8 does.

    I have also discovered a Dell product that lets you use Windows 8 as it was intended on your non touch screen computer. It is a touch screen emulator that runs $59.95 from their website. So if you absolutely must have Windows 8 but lack the touch screen capability for $60 you can get it from Dell.

    With the addition of the Start8 program I am actually pretty happy with my Windows 8 install. Of course, Michael over at GreMir Models is not going to be overly happy with me. I am going to wait until after the holidays to bug him to update my models to fully function once again though. In case you are new to his methodology that he uses with his models, you down load the viewer software and he sends you a key that you install in the program files to unlock the model to fully functionality. But when you change printers, update operating systems to a newer one or alter your computer with a new hard drive or something of that nature. You will need to contact Michael to get a new unlock file. He does this happily and rather quickly for all his model purchases so don't sweat it. But I hate to interrupt his holidays with his family for it, so I will wait until after the holiday and Black Friday is over with before bugging him.:thumb:
  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I managed to get for $69.96, a Windows 8 64 bit Professional upgrade. I purchased Vista Professional 64 bit when I thought I needed a new MoBo for a computer. Turned out I just had to solder some header pins. Now, I can use this Upgrade to make use of this untouched Vista and have Windows 8 professional. it it's in a CD, not a download. That gives me a hard copy of the upgrade without a time window. Planning for my next computer. :)
  14. I've been dealing with Microfuzzy since the DOS days and my main computer has basically been an evolution of itself since the mid '90s. My hard earned philosophy with operating systems is not to upgrade any more often than you can absolutely get by without. Every time I've upgraded it's screwed something up. I had to dump a great track ball once. I've lost perfectly good printers, scanners and various other things because there were no later drivers for them.

    From what I understand, Win 8 is an attempt at an OS that's designed for tablets and such, but still usable (if not preferable) on a desktop. I predict there will be a lot of people waiting for Win 9 in hopes they come their senses on that. As for me, XP still serves my purposes and it still going to be supported for another year or two.

    I do enjoy living vicariously through you bleeding edge types though. Just don't bleed on the carpet, OK? ;)
  15. seanluusa

    seanluusa New Member

    I tried the Windows 8 developer preview, didnt really like it. I guess the main reason was my computer is now touch screen, which is the main feature on windows 8 development. I actually like the design graphically, it's just since I'm also a gamer, I heard many rumors about windows 8 is the end of pc game so.... I dont know.
  16. Brad555

    Brad555 New Member

    I have not used it yet.:confused:
  17. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi All,

    I tried Windows 8 out on a couple of the early beta stages with Kim Komando and Windows Secrets as the main instigators of my madness. With the upcoming purchase of a touch screen device and having checked it out a bit I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Finding it available on the Microsoft website for $58.88 for the download of the upgrade from Windows 7 and a hard disc copy to be shipped to me was a bonus. Just to get the download upgrade was a little over $40, but I like the idea of a hard copy on hand so I went the extra $18.

    XP was truly a great OS, I rather enjoyed it for a number of years. But knowing that it was coming to its' end prompted me to go to Windows 7. As it stands now Windows 7 will be supported up to 2020 and that is from Microsoft itself. So that may be subject to change at a moments notice.sign1

    After the holidays I am considering the purchase of Dells' touch screen device so I can take advantage of Windows 8s' main goody. Eventually I will upgrade my monitor from the present 26" Westinghouse Flat Screen Television that I am enjoying to a larger size and when I do I will be looking at touch screen capability for it as well.

    I use a wireless keyboard and track ball mouse and downloading Windows 8 shot Microsoft's software for them down in favor of the native software included in the OS. The rumor mill was passing down misinformation such as you will lose all your old data when you upgrade, so far that is just not true. All my old data is still there, my second 1 TB hard drive is still full of copy's of everything as well as what I have on my primary 1 TB hard drive. I also have a third removable hard drive that I use for my weekly back ups which is unaffected by the upgrade. The upgrade was also supposed to cause hair loss, nope, still have all my long red curls however I have noticed that they are starting to get a bit of white here and there. I suppose at 60 that is a common occurrence so that can't be directly attributed to Windows 8.sign1

    As I go along, if I run into anything I will make an entry here and if anyone has any questions or items of interest to add, please feel free.:wave:
  18. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I got mine with free shipping. I didn't know Microsoft was offering the C.D. but I deal with so much that I can squeeze them for deals, like on the last P.C. I built. I got everything, after tallying it all up, over $100 bucks cheaper than NewEgg of Amazon, and that allowed me to get a better graphics card.

    I think having the Hard Copy is a must when doing stuff like this. Good advice! :)
  19. dana franklin

    dana franklin New Member

    Windows 8 is new and I wonder where we can have this kind of OS. Thank you.
  20. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi All,

    Yes indeed, having a hard copy even if it is one that you create from the down loaded soft ware of an OS, should you require reinstalling that software in the future. I did receive my disc in the mail and have it stashed away in my disc library for future reference.

    After having the software now for a while, as with most operating systems, you become used to it and are able to find you way around it. It does have a few idiosyncrasies that I have made work arounds for. It is very security conscious, much more so than Vista and W7 were. I have to poke Nortons' form filling "Identity Safe" to make it function as it is supposed to, 8 tries to turn it off to keep it from filling out stuff. With Reg Cure Pro running once a week to clean things up and delete all the cookies and stuff, I have to re-enter log ins to sites I commonly visit. This being the case, having Identity Safe running lets it fill in the proper entrys on all the places I go saving me the trouble.

    It is pretty trouble free though, haven't had any crashes or difficulties of that sort at all. I am trying things out in a few new programs and it does not have any problems with them operating as they should. As it goes along, if I run into anything I will post it up here.

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