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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Woodie, May 26, 2001.

  1. Woodie

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    I have a problem with glueing in windows. The prob is on rolling stock (passenger)and building kits (both plastic and card), anything that has windows). Especially where there is a recessed edge around the inside of the window for the exact sized piece to glue. The glues I am using is both superglue (zap-a-gap) and/or MEK (methyl ethel ketone)for the polystyrene type plastics only. The glue affects the clear plastic window pieces turning them cloudy. [​IMG] No doubt all have had this prob at some time. Some rollingstock kits (especially the resin moulded ones, require the window to be an exact fit due to the thinkness of the casing. Any ideas on what I can do to reduce or eliminate this problem? I have tried using a pin/needle to apply the glue sparingly to the surronds, and tweezers for the pieces, but that didn't really help.


  2. shamus

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    Hi Woodie,
    superglue (zap-a-gap) is a little thick for that kind of work, try using a very thin cyno, and with a matchstick, just touch the edges, Capillary action will run the glue down the edge only then place it into the passenger stock. Only put the glue down two outside edges.
    For card and plastic kits I use Clear EVE stick, and just put it on the outside edge before inserting it.
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    Microscale makes a clear product (when dry) that works great for installing windows. Also Testors has a glue specifically made for this job.Other than that an Elmers white glue or a glue of that type (dries clear) will also work.

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  4. Woodie

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    Brand names sometimes don't mean much in far flung outposts of the British Empire.... a "cyno"? something to do with isocyanurate? (chemical name?) and EVE? I know the Testors brand. Elmers is PVA (white wood glue, dries clear?) I do need a range of glues I suppose, but which ones and what sorts? Maybe a good list of glues, types, descriptions and suggested uses?

    Thanks all,

  5. Drew1125

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    Hi Woodie!
    By cyno, Shamus is talking about a chemical called cyanoacrylate, or CA for short. Here in the States, it's sold under brand names like Krazy Glue, Super Glue, Insta-Cure, & probably many others. It is usually sold in small amounts, 1 or 2 oz. containers. (a little goes a long way)
    Any respectable hobby shop will have this stuff. Just tell them you need some CA adhesive. If in doubt, read the bottle. It'll say CA, or cyanoacrylate, & you'll know you've got the right stuff.
    Good luck with the windows!
  6. Woodie

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    Thanks guys,

    I'll check for the Testors WIndow glue next time I'm at my supplier.

  7. Woodie

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    Elmer's is not a brand here. What is Elmers Hobby Cement made of? Maybe Tarzan's grip here would be the same? Used it as a kid for balsa wood models. before they invented superglue.

    The second passenger carriage kit I made I used the MEK glue. It has about the consitency of water, and evaporates in about 1 sec! It is fabulous for joing polystyrene kits and sheet. Absolutely no runnoff, or clagging, or residue. The windows are a little more difficult. I cut and put the window in place, and just lightly (ever so!) with the thinest brush I could find, around the cavity on the inside. This seemed to stick OK and has not clouded the plastic yet. I seem to be learning the lesson of less glue is more... I would like an easier way though, as the MEK glue evaproates and dries off in 1 sec if you aren't quick enough!

  8. George

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    Some years back when maintenance was a problem during the decline of passenger service, it was common to see water trapped between the window panes. Some of us used to joke when we saw glue along the bottom of a window that it was just this sight.

    It's probably harder to cut the window from plastic just right than to glue it. I endorse Shamus's idea of running the glue along the inside side frames rather than on the glass itself. Depending on the properties of the product you're using, you might also wait a minute for the glue to become somewhat tacky before attaching to prevent smearing.

    Elmer's also makes a "HOBBY CEMENT" which I find is the best substitute for PACTRA model cement which was discontinued when PACTRA was unfortunately bought out by TESTORS several years ago. [​IMG]

    Fast Fact: Remember Susan St. James, the actress? Her family owns Testors. They have continued PACTRA paints only from that line after the buyout.

    Anyhooo, I prefer using Elmer's Hobby Cement now for almost everything as it sets faster than TESTORS, is not as runny and does not set as fast as CA.

    It all really depends I suppose on what you're used to working with.

  9. George

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    MEK sounds like an impressive product. I'll look at the Elmer's product for contents. Are you able to purchase Du Pont's Duco Cement?

  10. Woodie

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    Yep. [​IMG] Found the Testors Window glue and Window maker. The packet says you can make small windows with it to. Just use a small brush handle (pointy end) dip it in the glue, and run it around the edges and form a "bubble". Let it set, and VOILA! A clear window! Will try it when I get back to Sydney.


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