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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Maico Shark, Jul 22, 2009.

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    I posted a couple of shots previously, but here is the whole build and nothing but the build.

    1. I started with the basic Canon kit and cut out all the stained glass window representations. Scaling images from an internet search, I cut out and replaced all the windows with acetate copies. This is the underside of the cathedral showing some metallized paper to reflect the light in the right direction. The light will come from two sources.

    2. The base has openings to allow light to freely enter from below. The base is made from LetraMax 2000 illustration board. The base is scaled to the correct size and shape of the location on which ND is sited on Isle de la Citie, Paris, France.

    3. This is the cathedral ready for mounting on the base.

    Wasn't sure of how many images I could post at once.

    1. The base is wired with LEDs to simulate the exterior building illumination.

    2. The model is an odd scale, around 1/644. So, no accessories exist. Therefore, I built my own trees and covered the base with railroad grass.

    3. This is a finished tree covered with shredded foam.

    4. Once all the elements are fixed in place, I shot the photo this evening in fact. A bit of Photoshop puts the cathedral in a lovely light, just like the night I attended Easter eve mass way back in 1970. Nice memory for me.

    Maico Shark, a favor please. I accidentally posted my build thread as a reply to your thread announcing the contest.

    Are you able to post it as a new thread so that I can qualify for the competition?

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    When will the poll begin? :confused:
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