will envirotex attack foam?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by farmer ron, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. farmer ron

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    Will envirotex, product for making water, or Woodland Scenics product attack blue foam??

    I have just finished putting in the base plywood for the bottom of my log pond at the sawmill area. Now I have to build up the sides that go from the ground level down to the water level. Years ago I used cardboard strips, hydrocal soaked in paper towels and oil based paints. I then poured the envirotex in to simulate the water and all turned out fine. Now most RR's use foam and contour it to what they wish. Again my question is will the envirotex, or woodland scenic products, attack the foam and acrilic paints? I am not going to use the "hot" method for the woodland scenic products. I know it is expensive here in Canada so may just stick with envirotex products. If these products will not attack the foam I will go the foam route but if it does I will go back to tried and true methods. Any new tricks to using these products?
    Now 5:30am time to go to work, thanks for the replies. Ron
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    I'm not sure what is in those products, so I'll give a little anecdote.
    One fellow in our club made a canal scene using mostly foam and coated the bottom and sides of the canal with ?? (Plaster? Paint?) He poured (I think) an epoxy mix in for water. There were a couple of cracks in the plaster coating and the epoxy went through and attacked the foam. Made an interesting canal bottom except that the foam was too bright a blue.

    Try a bit on some scrap foam. On another layout, we have a siding slowly sinking into the foam because we glued the cork down with the wrong glue.
  3. shamus

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    Hi 60103, I would expect that it would attack the foam, you might be better off adding a little plaster of paris around the sides and bottom first before using it.

  4. Vic

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    Envirotex will attack the foam...the voice of experience speaks...! HA HA!!:D

    Here's how I solved the problem....First coat the foam with a thin coat of plaster as some others have mentioned. After that's dry paint or color your lake or stream bed as desired. Get some cheap clear epoxy...got mine at Wal~Mart...mix up a batch and thin it to a watery consistancy with alcohol and paint on a coat over the plaster. Everything is now sealed up and won't be attacked:)

    About that "hot method" water from Woodland Senics...I looked at that for the longest time until it dawned on me what it was....its the pellets that hot glue sticks are made from:eek:

    Take Care:) and Have Fun:D ...Vic

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