Wilhelmshaven U-Boot U96 / U995

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Mark_1984, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Mark_1984

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    I was wondering if anybody knows of a build thread for these submarines. I've just started the kit, but the German instructions and complete lack of pictures are presenting me with somewhat of a challenge :cry:

    Some pics of the finished article would help immensly :roll:

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  3. Mark_1984

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    Thanks Michi, That certainly helps

  4. Mark_1984

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    Here's a quick pic of the build so far - I'm not doing a proper build thread as I've no idea if I'm getting it right or not - it's all down to pics I've found, a Google translation of the instructions, and luck !!

    View attachment 9497

    I wonder if a kind German speaking member could translate the following for me - it's beat Google.

    "vorderen Pollers kleben"

    Many thanks

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  5. cdcoyle

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    That's "glue the forward bollards". Try this site for additional help: http://www.cilf.org/bt.fr.html It's a French website, but gives you nautical translations in several languages. Select "Allemand" in the Langue box, "Ocean" in the dictionnaire box, and your search term in the mot box.

  6. Mark_1984

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    Thanks Chris
  7. Mark_1984

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    Finsihed it !!

    I've finished the U-96. I'm not very pleased with it - teh instructions are only in German, and even translated don't really help very much. And there are no useful pictures :mad: The basic construction is OK, but the details are pretty much guess wirk, and a few small bits got left off because I couldn't work out where they were supposed to go :cry:

    Anyway, here are the photos of this rather lame attempt. The DF loop came out well though - thanks to the Japanese screw punch :)







    I'm really not sure whether it's worth bothering with the U995 which is on the same card.
  8. Clashster

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    Looks good, Mark! One of my first experiences with paper many years ago was a Wilhelmshaven model. It was my last for many years (until I discovered Fiddlers Green). Sorry to hear the instructions have not made much progress in the past 15 years... Still, now you know the pitfalls, so come on, build that second model!!!

  9. cmdrted

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    Mark, you've done real well with this kit, considering no real instruction or detailed drawings, It looks great. The design was fairly "advanced" for its era, but the kit was lacking some of the nicely printed on details of later kits. I'd wait to see what Kooklik is going to do with his U-boat when it's finished, now there am some detail!
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  11. B-Manic

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    YEAH, WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? Most would have given up long ago. Build the other one, it will turn out even better.

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