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  2. Zathros

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    This post inspired me to look up pop-up books and suitable for entry level modelers.

    This Video speaks for itself, well worth watching. Not too long. This guy's attitude is contagious. He really expresses the wonders of paper in a fun way!:thumb:

  3. treadhead1952

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    That is wa-ay cool! I really liked pop out books and crafts when I was a kid, used to drive my folks nuts with all the little scraps of paper and card laying about where ever I would settle down to get into my paper mode.

    I also like the "Ted" -"Ink" broadcast. Ted talks are highly entertaining as well as open your head to new things. Thanks both of you.
  4. Burning Beard

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    Very neat. I really don't remember pop-ups from when I was a kid, and kind of ignored them when my daughter was growing up. My wife actually made a couple for me as cards (very simple) but alas I really didn't pay much attention, though I saved them all.

    However since getting interested in this hobby, I am getting to appreciate the engineering involved in designing the precise folds to make intricate shapes.



    Actually, my first paper models were from pop-up books. When I was six or seven, I had a book about machines and vehicles. The center spread was a military convoy complete with a Patton Tank. I destroyed the book to take out the patterns for the convoy, which I traced and before long, I had my own tank battalion (out of manilla sheets).
  6. Zathros

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    Wow, that's the same my Pop-out books suffered. I would cut out the building, car, or plane, or boat, and try and finish it off to make a complete model! I think a lot of us did that. :)

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