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    Hello all,

    While researching on the WWW for a certain rail station in Pennsylvania, One search sent me to a Wikipedia site concerning this station / railyard... Well after finding out what i needed, I was on this site for about 2 hours just looking at other sites that were related to the Pennsy RR site that I was looking at. If you are interested on stations and rail yards, I suggest Wikipedia. Not only do they tell you the history of the line, but the history of ALL the lines that traversed the station as well as Satellite photos of the area various photos of the structure itself... I cannot believe the wealth of information on this site.
    Wikipedia gets 2 thumbs up from me...:thumb: :thumb:

    Anyone looking for the rail configurations of any particular yard, Wikipedia is a home run.

    I learned perhaps more than i intended tonight, now i want to go back and gather info for the remaining PRR stations that now has my curiosity peaked..

    Non- rail related info : Also this would be a great site for info when your kids have that last minute report due the next morning - LOL
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    One note, wikipedia is not comrpehensive, and being user-based, there's a lot of inacurate information on there also. It's a great primer for a first dip into net research that is more comprehensive than Google, however.

    The rule of thumb for me tends to be this:

    1.) Check wikipedia
    2.) Check links suggested by wikipedia
    3.) Check google
    4.) Scan amazon, powells, and the local library online database for book titles

    If you follow that list, you'll get more and more detailed results. A quick fact check may only need step one or two, while serious research on a topic might go through every stage.

    Also, further regarding wikipedia accuracy, if there is a subject you are knowlegable about, consider registering there and adding your own knowledge to the whole. I've edited a number of rail related topics there to make them more accurate, and a couple are my personal pets.
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    it's a somewhat good source for rail info, good source for other stuff (like looking up future pokemn games:D yes I like Pokemon so sue mesign1 )
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    wikipedia does have some great information base on facts..There are some questionable answers but,easily checked.:thumb:
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    The internet is an actual application of Bob Newhart's "infinite number of monkeys at typewriters". "to be or not to be, that is the gzrdnspaltz".

    monkey # 60103
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    If you found something usefull that is awsome. If you are an expert or can add some info do it wikipedia is user based info which is great. If you find something false add a note or fix it.

    wikipedia is the way of the web... kudo's to the geniuses that made it

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