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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by bfam4t6, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. bfam4t6

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    I know this question may seem rather dumb and there are sure to be many different thoughts and opinions. I am just curious, in your own personal experiences, which company or publisher do you think provides the highest quality aircraft considering the amount of detail and overall fit and preciseness, regardless of price. I'm basically wanting to compare Halinski, Fly Model, Maly Modelarz, GPM, Hobby Model, and Modelik. I am not trying to ignore designers such as NOBI who does a wonderful job and creates wonderful kits, it's just that I know little about some of the publishers I mentioned and want to get a better idea of what they have to offer. To make it simple you can just give me what you did like (for instance great fit) and what you didnt' like (for instance no cockpit detail).
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    hard to say. depends on a lot of factors. if you are looking for "digital prints" or the new ones, GPM and Halinski. otherwise most of the older models (from all publisher in Poland) had the "Maly print" look ("hand drawn"). depends also how bad you like a particular model. best is to buy and see things for yourself. what maybe good for me may not be good for you.
    I'll stick to the new models of GPM and Halinsk as I want the "digital print", but I'm also on the look out for the Fly/Gomix UH-1 Helicopter, regardless if it has the "Maly look" print.
  3. Darwin

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    I tend to agree that Halinski and GPM are at the apex of the triangle, and the paper equivalent of Tamiya in the plastic world. The other end of the spectrum is Maly Modelarz and Geli. Don't get me wrong....Maly, Modelik, etc., have been making great strides in quality improvement recently, but unfortunately for them, Halinski hasn't been standing still to let them fully catch up. (And if that isn't proof that a freely competitive marketplace is the best thing a consumer could have, I don't know what is.) From what I've been seeing, just about any of the recent offerings will give you a fairly satisfying build, but if your taste leans more towards caviar than beans, Halinski and GPM, followed by Modelik, Arsenal, Model Card, et. al., with older (pre 1997) Maly Modelarz and Geli kits to be avoided unless you really have a thing for the kit subject or like the challenge of making silk purses from sow's ears.
  4. tino

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    Yes they are right.
    Halinski and GPM are the best. If you want a perfect model with lot´s of cocpit detail, wheel wells detail and others details Hainski and GPM are at the top of the list. Folowed by Fly and others.

    What I like in a model is above of all the fit of the pieces. After the fit come the other things: the colour and markings and the level of detail of the model, but the level of detail (cocpit and other parts) is not in the top of my preferences.

    By the other way I really don't like of a model with no cocpit detail at all, unless that model is a 1/50 model.
  5. Swinger

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    Halinski rocks.

    His recent models have the best fit and the best print. As for detailing, the others' last models seem to catch up with Hal (especially GPM), but in my opinion Halinski's models are overall the best, because the others have more design flaws and worse print. Hal's models are simply the most precise and designed with a unique scrupulousness in every single detail.

    Of course, I'm talking about new printouts. If you compare a new GPM with an old Hal, GPM will look better. That's a normal thing.
  6. bfam4t6

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    I really appreciate the input. I guess my expectations were pretty close to what your responses have been. From veiwing pictures I knew that Halinski kits were very detailed, but I have half built an older kit of theirs and I wasn't very impressed with some of the details. I suppose this is simply becuase it is an "older" kit. Also I have no experience with GPM, Fly Model, or Modelik, so thank you again for lending me your opinions.
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    Hello there,

    I have to agree with Swinger, Halinski rocks! I have only build one; my first card board model was the Halinski P-51D which I have written a full report on with over 100 photos of the build process. Check it out...


    Since this was my first model I did about a month of research and every one was telling me to go with a recent edition of any of Halinski's models. Go by the numerical sequencing on the product. It's usually the month and year of edition. Get Halinski's new stuff and you will NOT be disappointed.

    I have also heard that the new GPM editions from this year are excellent as well, certainly much better then the older GPM stuff.

    Good luck...


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