Why the G Gauge Scaling Variations

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    It is nice that Aristocraft kept the original Delton style couplers as did Hartland when purchasing the rest of the Delton, Kalamazoo lines. The 1:29 scale Aristrocraft will couple up, however, with some encouragement. I use KayDee 820 on all of my stuff, except for the link & pin couplings and D&RGW items which used standard couplers on their narrow gauge. For these items I use Accucraft.. I trim off all of the KayDee coupling pin.
    The Bachmann couplers seem to work well for the most part. In the past, I have had some come loose from vibration, however, remedied that with some filing down of the coupler pin.
    Also, I took a soldering iron to the botton of the coupler pin and melted it. Now that really works well. I don't perform switching operations, etc. so it doesn't really matter whether I have the KayDee trip pin or not.
    As a note, looks like your keyboard noted USA Trains as 1:24. USA trains is 1:29 scale. My keyboard does the same thing once in a while! :eek:
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    Marc, not quite right, all USA Trains "American Series" cars are definately 1:24 Scale, wheras all "Ultimate Series" cars and all locomotives are 1:29 scale. Check the USA Trains website. I think also the "Work Train Series" is 1:24 scale. Check USA Trains American Cars against a half inch scale ruler and you will agree!
    Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz.:wave:
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    USA Trains


    Thanks for the information. I haven't had the chance to see any of these USA 1:24 scale rolling stock. Everyone I know has the 1:29 scale stuff and I don't purchase any of the USA train items.
    Very few hobby shops carry any of the USA train items; and I do mean in larger cities.
    When I get a chance, I'll ruler out some of the "1:24" scale items.
    By chance, what were the protoype items used for these. That would be be most qualified way to verify whether these are to 1:24 scale, etc. Of course, these would not be standard guage cars even at 1:24 scale. On the other hand, its possible they made these 1:24 generic to match up more closely with the Bachmann/LGB 1:22.5 and also the Hartland & Aristocraft (purchased Delton/Kalamazoo designs) 1:24 scale stuff.
    Did you know that now LGB has introduced a new scale in large scale? Yes, apparently, the F-Units are 1:26 scale. Talk about adding more fuel to the fire.
    Good converstation buddy!
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    Marc, I have quite a few Aristocraft Delton cars now, my Westside Lumber Co Boxcar #10, is strencilled Length 29 ft 6 in, and when run over with a 1:24th scale ruler perfectly at 29' 6". The Aristo Delton cars come with fully sprung bogis and a coupler which mates with Bachmann perfectly.
    Over at Large Scale On line I recently purchased new runs of Aristo Delton D & RGW Box Cars and C & S Coal Cars, two for the price of one at $US48.95 (making each car $US24.50 each), freight on Fedex to Australia cost me $US96.00, still cheap cars.
    I only run three foot gauge equipment on my Rookwood Central Railway.
    Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz.:wave:
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    Yeppers, all the Delton's were 1/24 scale. Aristo was smart buying out Delton and keeping the 1:24 scale items. This gives them an "IN" in the narrow gauge stuff. I love the Torch Lake ore cars. Very similar to the Crystal River RR ore cars. Hartland has the rest of the Delton/Kalamazoo line. Hartland is getting ready to release the small 1:24 scale Kalamazoo style cars soon. Not real detailed, but nice.
    By the way, do you communicate with "Fletch"? I am building the 2002 Mason-Bogie Masters. The DSP&P Breckenridge (#15). and also the huge 2-8-6 version. Right now the projects are on hold due to Barry's wife's battle with cancer. You by chance involved in the Bogie Build?

    As you can tell, my focus is on Colorado narrow gauge.

    Talk to you later buddy!


    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Do you have any photos of your RR and items. Hopefully, a webpage would be in the making.

    Please check mine out when you have a chance.


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    The story I heard was a little different than what was stated at the beginning of the thread. I heard there was this guy, we won't mention Mikey's name, as we wouldn't want to embarass him, but this guy, we'll just call Mikey this guy , this guy, kept switching scales. Like ALL the time. He went from N to HO and from HO to Z. He got bored there and dabbled in TT, OO and he did O for a while. He tinkered around in Narrow gauge, and finally went on to "G" after axhausting all other possibilites. The Boys at the NMRA were getting quite nervy, as there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, and they feared they would run out. So they began making variations in G faster than Mikey, I mean this guy, could change scales (in G he was changing scales at a slower pace than before, sumpthin' 'bout his wife getting at him???). Well the NMRA got all the manufacturers to remain in disagreement for years, thus keeping this guy in G. It seems to have worked, as he remains in G to this day. Although legends vary, I've heard he has an HO layout in the back of his Suburban, an N scale layout in the shed, TT in the closet, Z in a briefcase, and even a Zn3 loop around the brim of his cowboy hat. And they say he can stay up on the mechanical bull without it or him derailing for several minutes!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Marc, No I do not at this trime have a web page, it it something I have been thinking about.
    Here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia we have a flourishing Garden Railway fraternity. On the 31st January I will be hosting the next running day for our loose knit group, not a club, just like minded modellers who retote around each others railways.
    The Rookwood Central Railway is just 18 months old , not quite a garden railway yet, more of a railway in the backyard. I have a mainline loop, with a large station layout with three passing sidings, another passing loop on the far side to cross trains plus a branch line serving a future sawmill and mine. So I can have a good operating session, not just watch trains going around, as many Large Scalers do. My next project is to build a turntable in my loco depot. My modelling interests also include my indoor HOn42 (Queensland Railways) system. (HO scale using 12mm gauge track = three foot six inch gauge.) Queensland Railways are a 10000 Km 3' 6" gauge system, hauling huge 3000 ton trains of coal under 25000 Volt wires, and running the fastest passenger trains in Australia. (Also Electric.)
    Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz.:wave:
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    Yeah, NMRA got so tired of the switching between O & G - they are making a "New Gauge. Called: O Gee.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D :D :D
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    Gauge Variation

    We don't need the NMRA involved in large scale (G, etc.), its messed up enough as it is.
    NMRA could care less abou the large scale until just recently when they figured it was getting popular and they could get their fingers in it. Where were they in the beginning, especially, with Delton being the forerunner in US large scale "Nice" models.


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