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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by shaygetz, Oct 7, 2005.

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    as an old fart, I to remember the good old, bad old days to, where if you did something you should nt it was not just your dad you got it from, it was who ever was there at the time, and you could just bet your life that mum and dad knew about it before you got home, also if you needed help you could go to just about anyone and you would get the help you needed, people back then were`nt to busy to help out, or afraid to get involved.

    kids were told where they could go, and where they couldnt go and mostly they stayed in those boundries, weather it was out of a healthy fear of the consequenses, or a respect that there perants installed in them, it didnt matter, there was always someone watching the kids for the right reason...

    Yes kids of today are the loosers in many respects, they have lost the freedom we had as 5-6 yr olds to explore our neibour hood, and have the adventures we had. I to think the kids of today have lost the imagination we had, everyday run of the mill items became some fantastic toy, wich amused us for hours if not days... I think if you put a kid in an empty lot and told him/her to play, they would get board in a few minuets, and start looking for a video game or some such thing.. there were safty in numbers to, back then, not something the cops would look at twice, or the old people in the neibourhood would hide from...

    Yes times have changed and not nessersarly for the better, today as perants of 5-6 yr olds you have to keep them withh you nearly all the time, and even older ones you cant let them go to far out of your site, for the weirdoes that are out there.
    yes its the kids that are the loosers in this modern times that we all live in, life is more coplicated, and harder for us all...

    well thats enough of my rambleing, I think you get what I am on about... what a pitty.

    have a good one ..steve
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    I am now 73 and looking back I can relate to everything on that list. When I got into trouble, I was introduced to the switch, and believe me that did not feel good so I tried to avoid getting into to much trouble. I loved riding in the back of an old pickup with the wind blowing in my face. For toys I used wood blocks of various shapes and played in the dirt making roads and stuff.
    If I came home and nobody there, I just walked in. Same with the neighbors. Nobody locked their doors. Many times I went to a house and walked right in to use the bathroom. At time I held on as long as I could and then dashed to the nearest house hoping I would make it.
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    old days

    Clerk, you must have lived (grew up) in the city. Out in the country we didn't have to go in the house. The 'plumbing' was a 4X4 room, 2 seater, and a small distance from the main residence.

  4. Clerk

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    Lynn. I used one of those also when I stayed with an uncle on his farm, but then I just stepped behind a tree or bush.
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    First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they
    carried us.

    on this forum.....it shows :D
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    I turn 30 in about a month... Sure, I don't rememebr all of that, but I do remember my school had a metal slide on the playground, about 30 feet high. And at the end was GRASS AND SAND. not plastic or rubber. GRASS AND SAND.

    Ares to in 1956.

    We poured fine powered dirt down it to reduce friction

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