Why does Pepakura hate me?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by goney3, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Hello again all... here is an update on my adventures with Pepakura and modeling for the first time :)

    As you know I finished my "beta-build" for TWE's 'Challenge to ALL cardmodelers':


    This build I found LOTS of problems... small tabs, roofline not aligning, base not to scale, etc... took me about 5 hours to glue together. :cry:

    So anyways... I made the tabs bigger... took me awhile to find the option in Pepakura. You use the tab tool then righ click and choose the size (instead of moving tab to opposite edge)... just in case anyone runs into the same problem.

    I also made the roof pattern the same and just left the "glue here dots" for reference.

    After all this I took a stab at making it a PDF... I used "PDFill" print exporter (free online) then used "PDFedit995" (another free program) to combine the indevidual pages... is there an easier way to do this? :-?

    Anywho, here is the project in a nice clean 4 page layout:

    I also threw in the display piece and the canvas canopy (my coworkers were wondering why it was missing) :roll:

    So yeah, I'm going to try and print this out and make another beta-build and see how it goes. If anyone wants to take a stab at it and let me know there experience you can get the current version here:

    KITP.pdf (4MB - 5hr build-time)

  2. goney3

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    ARGH! (keeping with pirate day theme) ... the stupid base isn't scaleing correctly and you can still see pink around the edges... this is my second attempt at it and I STILL can't get it right. Any tips from you more experienced builders out there? I think getting the small details worked out is making me get a headache... how do you guys handle it?

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