Why do some football clubs like Racing Club and Racing Santander have the word,

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  1. Dr. Flowers

    Dr. Flowers New Member

    "Racing" in their names? They were a racing club?
  2. racing must mean something in spanish. av a check
  3. Tosh

    Tosh New Member

    As the above person said, it's something in Spanish.

    Racing Santander is actually Real Racing Club de Santander.
  4. playmaker4747

    playmaker4747 New Member

    From the FIFA.com web site:

    Racing Club

    City: Buenos Aires

    Founded: 25 March 1903

    Official Website:


    The club?s origins date back more than a century to a meeting that took place at the Buenos Aires Mercado de Hacienda on 25 March 1903. It was there that officials from two of the district?s rival clubs ? Foot Ball Club Barracas and Colorados Unidos ? sat down to discuss a possible merger. With neither club long established, the decision was taken to put aside their differences and join forces. After a call was made to give the new club ?an original, distinctive and appealing? name, one of those present, Germán Vidaillac, showed his fellow officials a French automobile magazine called Racing. There and then, the decision was taken to go with this name, and Racing Club was founded.
  5. Bernard

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    I don't know, but my favorit Belgian football team calls "Racing Club Mechelen" (KRC Mechelen - Officiële site - Hoofdpagina) but they have no racing history. :cry:

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