why build military crafts?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by lizzienewell, Dec 16, 2005.

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    An afterthought to my preceeding post ...

    What is it with model railroaders that they seem to be largely immune from the fascination with machines of destruction?

    I love perusing the Zealot model railroading forums, some amazing modeling happening there. Yet, for all the variety in eras and types of trains they model, I don't believe I have seen even a single example of anything military. Not a single troop train, armored train, no military cargoes or anti-AA cars, no railway guns or Civil War rail mortars, no military structures or war-themed layouts ... nothing.

    Yet that hobby is very nearly 100% male. Interesting! Any ideas?

    One other afterthought ... whatever happened to Lizzie??? A very interesting and capable card modeler!
  2. Lex

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    She hasn't been on for almost a year... Another capable member lost?
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    Art Decko, to answer your railroader question: Model railroaders want to create their own peaceful little worlds, isolated from real-world insanity. (Can't blame them.) Notice that many railroad layouts are set in certain eras, frozen in time. Quite often, the time period modeled will be an era that the individual railroader will regard as idyllic. Example: notice how many railroaders over the age of 50 set their layouts in the 1950's.
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    In the pacific northwest,namely Seattle area there's a terrific set of N scale modules devoted to a large Army facility. Beautifully executed. However I'm always reminded of the Lionel junk, exploding boxcars,missile cars Etc. I wonder if the militarism isn't ingrained in us from the "getgo" so we'll be more tractable when it comes to donating our lives to the military.
    On the other hand, I don't know of a group that dedicate their time to modeling famous business men." Yeah, I built this figure of Donald Trump last year for the .........." I haven't seen that group yet.:p
    As far as building goes I built a Paper Creek depot last winter and was greatl impressed. Has a lot of character. I'd rather see character in my work rather than detail. Although often one begats the other. I'm still wondering what our fascination is with miniatures is to begin with.:confused: "I don know, I just like em.":mrgreen:
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    Old thread or no, it's very interesting!

    A few quick jottings:

    Models have been found in the ancient tombs of China and Egypt.
    Terracota soldiers and wooden war-chariots, for example.
    The making of models - in the broadest sense, which includes sculpture,
    has been with us since the dawn of civilisation.

    People tend to mostly convert the familiar into art. In the past, that
    familiarity was hands-on. The sailor making a ship model made it from
    personal knowledge of the ships he sailed on. People in the military made military models. Some of them set up model kit industries, so models available as kits were mostly military. It's a matter of familiarity.

    Today, we are all familiar with the machinery of war, sci-fi war even,
    because of movies/TV/DVD etc.

    If somone makes a model of a sci-fi starfighter, nobody mentions militarism.
    Let them make a model of a WW2 tank, and there are people ready to assume that there is something militaristic about it.

    Nuts! I make models of whatever takes my fancy. Heck, when, in the
    1950s Airfix brought out plastic kits of German WW2 aircraft I complained that there were no swastika transfers.
    Nazi - schmartzi - it's not for politics, its not for militarism, its for historical accuracy, fer Pete's sake.

    Sorry. Was I ranting?

    You betcha! :mrgreen:
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    Are you sure you're not from North Dakota?:mrgreen:
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    You betcha! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

    Or, in cockney: not arf!

    = not half = true

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    I know this topic's a bit old, but I can't help but add my two cents...

    I feel the awe of holding something that had a major effect on history...I think the notoriety seals it for a lot of us. The chase of the Bismarck is still talked about, 70 years later. To build a model of it is awe-inspiring. You usually soak in the history of what you're building as well as it's form.

    Not to mention complexity. Let's face it, a model of an eagle or the arc de triomphe or the Taj Mahal just doesn't compare when set next to that beautiful 1:100 build of the Arizona I saw on here.

    And boys like toys that go BOOM!...I highly suspect that some of these flotillas that the members create have been "put into simulated battle", I guess would be the way to say it?

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