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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by jyduchene, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. jyduchene

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    I read Michael Krol's recent post identifying Pawel Mistewicz, as a fine designer at Maly Modelarz. I though it would be interesting to identify other masters. I have the Apache booklet discussed and would agree that the design is beautiful. So what say, who are other designers of note?

    I am not very knowledgable but would point out Peter Brand who has some fine civilian ships from HMV Verlag. I have not yet constructed one of his works, however he appears to be a favorite of the German papermodel ships site and I am drawn to the fine lines of his works. John
  2. shoki2000

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    Few more Polish designers I have/building/ built models from

    Marcin Grygiel - airplanes published in Halinski
    Rafal Ciesielski - airplanes published in GPM, Modelik, GreMir, Answer
    Lukasz Fuczek - airplanes published in Orlik, GPM, Gomix/ FlyModel
    Tadeusz Grzelczak - airplanes published in Orlik, Gomix/ FlyModel, GPM
    Grzegorz Nowak - ships published in GPM, Modelik, GreMir, Answer, Gomix/ FlyModel
    Jacek Slowik - airplanes in Maly Modelarz (A-10, Raiden, Typhoon)

    There is few more people designing excellent ships, but my domain is planes and I'm writing from memory...
  3. Willja67

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    Dr. Emil Zarkov definately belongs on the list.
  4. charliec

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    Some AFV model designers

    Marian Sobel - Halinski, Maly Modelarz - The Halinski Panther and Tiger are still
    (IMHO) the benchmarks of AFV models.
    Waldemar Rychard - Modelik
    Ryszard Maj - Modelik
    Grzegorz Molenda - Answer


  5. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Few more designers
    Roman Detyna - Digital Navy
    Kancho Iliev
    Adrian Kacz - ships (HMS Saumarez, HMS Savage, HMS Onslow)
  6. dimas Karabas

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    Of course do not forget:

    Rorman Vasilyev aka Kamfliger
    and Dmitri Hotkin
  7. Bowdenja

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    NOBI for sure!
  8. NYC Irish

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    Ill have to have a talk to you about forgetting this one!!!!

    John John
  9. shoki2000

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    I'm an airplane guy [​IMG]
    But I do have Roman's Fuso, Yamato, and the Takao and maybe one day I will be able to get them built.......
  10. Ashrunner

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    Don't forget the guy who did those Flintstones models...oh heck... whathisname...
  11. Jim Nunn

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  12. charliec

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    Great find Jim,

    And furthermore it's a database application and lists all the publishers <-> models <-> designers, etc as well. Pity the site's not in English because there are forms to allow submission of updates,etc. There are also links to builds of some of the models. I can appreciate how much work has gone into assembling all the data about hundreds of models.



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