Who would buy turned barrels for DNs Fuso

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by garyj36, Jan 17, 2005.

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    Hi guys

    Well I guess I might as well stop in here once or twice and see what I can do for the card modelers
    I never really thought about coming here as i've seen barrels made for the card models before; now don't take this the wrong way but I did not think that the barrels I saw were too good; and compared to mine the price is very cheap; however that said; I've seen some very good card models; and they would be enhanced for sure with my barrels
    Let me give you a brief on just how I make them
    First off; the barrel is modeled in CAD; and full size; if there is a flare or some other muzzle treatment it will be faithfull duplicated; if there are the mounting rings as on the Fuso/Kirishima barrel (or Yamato etc) they will be there
    Then I shrink the CAD to the req scale; this is to 8 decimal places in metric
    I then write the gcode for the barrels based on those sizes; again to 8 decimal places
    This will give the most accurate barrel avil; my CNC machines are set up to read these programs; and produce very accurate products; the brass is full hard yellow; it gives a very nice finish that will take paint well and not chip off like Aluminum
    I drill each barrel to scale; and go at least 4-5 calibers deep; so the hole looks right
    Look to my site for more details on just what I have already programmed; and please remember I'm always open to suggestions or ideas
    If I have a barrel in my avail list; this means I have the barrel drawn in CAD; re-scaling is easy and I don't charge for programming or CAD drawing if there is a order for a set
    All orders would have to be pre paid as I don't make them from just a request
    I take Paypal (just use my email address)
    I also take International Money orders
    email me for the address; or look on my ordering page (just click the buttons in the main page)

    If you have problems with bounced email; please use my alt at snuttall@modelbarrels.com
  3. Steve Nuttall

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    Just to give an idea of the barrels
    Here are my 10.5cm Bismarck/Tirpitz AA barrels on the 1/350th Tamiya Kit plastic


    And again my 15cm in the turret

    These could easily be re-programmed to any scale
  4. mhaas2

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    I, for one, would be interested when I do the Fuso.
  5. shoki2000

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    Those barrels really look good, but the price....
    GOMIX and GPM some time ago switched from the wooden barrels to brass and they will hold their own on a fraction of the cost, even including shipping from Poland...
  6. Steve Nuttall

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    I don't make excuses for the price; i just charge the machine time; I never charge for drawing or even researching the barrels
    My machines are not bar feeders that you just turn off at the end of the day and pickup all the finished parts
    I basically hand make my sets; the cnc is just to provide repeatablity and accuracy; I hand drill every hole; and polish too
    If you want just one set of special barrels for that must have model; see if the Polish guys will make you one set; i doubt it
  7. Steve I have long admired your barrels at ModelWarships and I would think most Card Model Ships would benefit from a good set od barrels and masts. And if some the price a little steep, maybe the can buy their own equipment and do it cheaper. :roll: :roll: :roll:
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    Yeah , steves literally doing this stuff by hand at home and has job , family etc. Me , Im going for it. I come frome a world where a 1/350th resin fuso for $400 would have everyone running around talking about what a great deal they got. So I figure my $35 cd with all the accuracy leaves me a lot of room for fancy extras.
  9. Steve Nuttall

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    Thanks Mark and Gary

    Here are 2 versions of my Bofor; the bigger one is 1/48th scale; the other 1/96th
    Note how both come with real springs
    Pricing on these masterpeices; $4 for the smaller one $6 for the big
    Now if i was building a model in plastic/scratch/or card and was spending months of myspare time on it; a few bucks to make it look just like museum model would be worthwhile
  10. Steve Nuttall

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    hehehe; just to go along with that thought; here is the control section of the cnc
    Now this lot needs to be hooked up to a computer; and the drives then need stepper motors to move the axis
    you can bet this lot was not cheap :roll:
  11. mapuc

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    Well even though, there are some great gunbarrel, Steve make on his CNC, I just can figure out, where on my coming projekt I shall
    place thise gunbarrels.
    It's the Queen Mary II if you should wonder.

  12. Steve Nuttall

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