Who on earth would take a picture of a bunch of rocks???

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by TrainNut, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. TrainNut

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    I would! As I was sitting through a particularly mind numbing 2 1/2 hour deacons meeting today, I noticed that the rock cut visible out the window was a perfect match for the rock cut I was so carefully trying to carve out of foam on my layout. I later went back and took some pictures for reference sake. I find them very useful and I hope you can too.



  2. nachoman

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    I'll give you huge props if you can model that rock cut well :) Those really are useful photos. I've used the aluminum foil method. And I have used the rubber rock mold method. And I have used the stacked foam method... And while all of those can be quite suitable approximations, none seem to truly capture the complexity and almost impossibilty one sees in nature.

  3. brakie

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    Nothing like Mother Nature or looking at the changes man made to improve one's scenery.

    As many know I am a proponent of studying the scenes around us from railroad tracks to Mother Nature's works.
  4. electric130

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    he already did

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