Who are Rhaven Blaack and Silveroxide?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by zathros, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    What seems a long time ago, I asked Rhaaven if he would be a Moderator. He eagerly, and modestly took it up. He saved me as the forum was far too much for one person to handle, and after more than a year of doing it by myself with virtually no support (except out SPAM soldiers, Padre and Bulldogowner, and these guys don't miss a thing), he took on a big load and helped me get my sanity back. Silveroxide then joined the team and with Bulldogowner and Padre bringing up the rear, I believe we had a strong team. There was one problem but that resolved itself. Now, Rhaaven has taken up the Admin position and I believe I may be the only person, other than Silveroxide, who knows how hard he is working.

    Everyone else should know too. He is relentless and driven. I must admit I take some pride for seeing him as someone who could help me much (anyone that meticulous in model details....well, that speaks for itself). I also knew if I had to leave, he could continue to make the forum grow.

    Rhaaven works his butt off here and I want everyone to know that. it is hard to explain the patience it takes and the depth that it takes to grab the reins of a forum and take control. Been there, done that. Rhaaven has gone into the quagmire and has cleaned up a big mess that was made by previous persons unnamed. The forum is still growing. It is a place where I feel at peace when I visit. We have become friends through our many sometimes hours long SKYPE conversation, and I have a new friend. That is a real gift. The same with Silveroxide. His generosity in offering help and giving out advice, never holding back is selfless. His knowledge is deep and broad, about many things.

    Cheers to Rhaaven, Silveroxide, Bulldogowner and Padre. I think everyone needed to know how hard they work. Especially Rhaaven though.
  2. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    All that I can humbly say is: "Thank you".
  3. ennder

    ennder Member


    Thank you all for the wonderful job you do here. I don't post often, but I have taken notice of the jobs ya'll are doing. The forum is a much better place NOW then it was when I joined 5 years ago.

    Thank You. :mrgreen::thumb::mrgreen:
  4. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    I couldn't have said it better than Zathros. :thumb:

    It's good to have such a strong team. To all of you! aussie
  5. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member



    You and Rhaven were the ones that have always had a nice word of advice, or even just sympathy to me. You were also the ones who pulled my ears whenever I did something wrong, and you guys know I am thankful for that.
    You both taught me how ZEALOT is special, and you are the ones who keep this forum that way. Of course, there are people who help (a lot!!!), let's not forget about them.
    You once wrote that you read every single post in this forum and still manage to have a life. If that isn't dedication and self-commitment, than I don't know what it is, but it sure is an example for all of us. As one of your presidents once said, you guys chose to do those things, "not because they are easy, but because they are hard"!
    I can only express my gratitude for you guys and all the team that keeps ZEALOT special. I always say that ZEALOT is special because WE make is so, but you're the team that makes it happen, so A BIG, FAT, THANK YOU!

    Rogério Silva
  6. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    thank you all for your hard work here.
  7. johanvanacker

    johanvanacker Member

    Keep up the good work!
  8. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all the members who make this forum work. I mostly sit in the background and check in on the chatter. Kudos to Zathros and "RB". I kind of look at them as the good cop/bad cop of Zealot. While Bulldog, Padre and myself jump in and help when we see some needed action, whether it is advice, directions or banning for spamming. Again, thanks to all of you who drop in to enjoy the hobby and to learn new stuff. See you all around the forum.
  9. spaceagent-9

    spaceagent-9 Right Hand Man and Confidant

    I don't know what I would be doing after my job ended, if it weren't for paper models and this site, and the pm site. probably playing the keyboard, which I found out I hate. after 30 years of practice. I realized that I love the guitar, and I could care less about playing the keyboard. love the music, just don't want to play it.
    rained in day after day, hiking was out, surfing was out, driving only cost me thousands of dollars in maintenance, and I had no garage for casting or molding.
    so thank you, if it weren't for you I never would have joined in this great hobby.
  10. tjbmurph

    tjbmurph Member

    I, too, add my thanks to the wonderful team that makes this site as amazing as it is. A hearty HUZZAH to you all!
  11. lindamartin

    lindamartin New Member

    Thanks for all your hard work.Don't create sympathy.
  12. Experimental Designs

    Experimental Designs Papercraft Visionary

    Zealot would probably be just another flame infested forum if it wasn't for the stalwart efforts of Rhaven, Silveroxide, Bulldogowner and the rest of the moderation team here. This is the most civil and cleanest forum I have been on to date. It's not often a forum has a thread dedicated to thanking the administrator and the moderation team this way which it comes to show Zealot has class! Y'all made it possible.

    I also like to give a shout out to Zathros for his enduring hospitality.

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