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    Hi All

    I am a novice that has been dreaming of doing this for many years and now am in a position to get started. I'm posting this hoping that someone out there has some idea how to make "whitewater". The layout that I have in the planning stage will have several mountain streams and at least one waterfall, each of which will require some whitewater. I have been wracking my brains trying to come up with something that will look good, even to the point of implying motion. Has anyone done anything like this or have any idea how it might be done?

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    Hi Pitchwife, and welcome to the gauge.
    Regarding waterfalls, this has been posted by me in the past, but I will post it again as you are new to the gauge.
    Although I model in H0 now (Logging) this was taken from my N-scale railroad a few years ago, but the making of any watwerfall is the same.
    When the waterfall area was completed, and ready to make a start on the water, here's how I went about it.
    Using car glass fiber (2 part epoxy) I ran some from the top, at the base was a well to catch the overflow. When this had dried, I did it 3 more times. When hard, I put in some cotton wool "stringy", and brushed some more glass fiber onto it, at the water fall end, I kept on brushing more G.F. and when it was dry, I used a sharp knife, stroking the glass until the wasn't a spare bit of glass F. that hadn't been gone over with the knife.
    That's it friend


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    Hi guys
    Thanks for the great tips. Your photos are terrific! Shamus, your attention to detail is amazing, and Robin, your Websters Falls gives me several new ideas on how to make my layout more scenic.

    Could the same techniques be used in a stream for white water around the boulders in it?

    Shamus, did George T send you the schematics for the stoplight circuit?

    Once again, thanks.


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