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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Paulb, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Paulb

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    Has anyone found an easy way to print white window curtains and shades. I have a program to make the shades and curtains, but printing them in White is a problem. Only solution I have come up with is buying an old Alps printer on Ebay that prints in white. Hate to spend the money for only a few pages of curtains. Any suggestions?


  2. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    If you only need to make a few, or if the kind that you're speaking of hang straight, like a drape, how about sheet styrene? I haven't had the need yet for curtains, but I use .015" or .020" styrene as window blinds on passenger cars.


    The window "glass" is also styrene. To facilitate installation of the blinds, or in your case, curtains, I cement an unpainted strip of styrene, same thickness as the blind, along the top edge of the blind, on the side facing the outside of the car. If the window "glass" and the blind material are sized so as to extend well above the top of the window opening, this strip can be cemented directly to the inside of the glass. The blind itself will be spaced away from the window pane, so no cement can mar the window's appearance.
    Another method would be to paint, preferably by spraying, directly on the inside of the "glass". This would require only very simple masking, and with a little care, you could also represent "sheers", those see-through curtains that are fairly common, using a very light application of paint.

  3. jim currie

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  4. CalFlash

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    I don't know if you can even find it anymore, but I once used a sheet of stripes I found in a graphics supply place. I had to overlap them as the spacing was too far apart but it worked. Another alternative is to draw them using white ink in a drafting pen.
  5. Doc Holliday

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    Hi Paul,
    I've used regular masking tape for pull-down shades that look real good. I also recently scanned several pages from a cutain catalog the Mrs. Doc got in the mail. I used a photo editing program to resize them to fit my wondows and then printed them out. A little carefull cutting and I'll just glue them in.
  6. RevnJeff

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    For window shades in white, why not use copy paper and white glue to attach? I've done that multiple times. Another method is construction paper, available in different colors, and has a texture to it.
  7. belg

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    White curtains can be made using a single ply of toilet paper, if you have an open windows you could even leave a small piece hanging outside. Pat

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