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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cecil_severs, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. rickstef

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    you might have to upgrade to one of the version of acrobat reader

    and, when you click on the file, you get a password box pop up, and you need enter the password in that to unlock the file

  2. widget

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    Thanks. I have "5" on my desktop at home. This one has "4" and there's pretty much no more on this one. (Daughters.)
  3. jmueller

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    Morning guys,

    @widget: I'm using Acrobat Reader 6 for printing. (The kit is assembled with
    Adobe Acrobat 5). So just use 6 and youre fine.

    Concerning wheels: I always make the wheels like this guy does:

    It's just glueing discs of cardboard together, sanding them and then paint them black.

    Have a nice holiday
    Merry Christmas to you all
    And a happy new year

  4. adensley

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    Jan, please permit a small hijack, but are your Futurama models available as downloads anywhere?

    I am a big fan and saw a thread on Kartonworks about your Planet Express headquarters and a mention of a Planet Express ship.

    The White Knight looks like a magnificant piece of work , by the way.


  5. 57townsman

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    Hi Jan,

    I agree with Tony. Your Planet Express headquarters looks fantastic! I think the thread mentioned the ship (which Tony mentioned), and also the hangar building. I too would be interested in these kits whether free or for a nominal fee.

    Back on topic, thank you very much for your White Knight kit. Now the Space Ship One won't look so lonely :lol:

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  6. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

  7. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Some Corrections...

    Hello again

    I'm still assembling the white knight when I ran into some minor marking corrections...

    First is the tail registration number (part 32 L/R). The numbers should be on the outside portion of the tailbooms, not both sides...



    Notice that the tail reg # is placed only on the outboard sides of the tail booms...

    And the last is the sponsor decals. The m&m logo was cut on part 29L


    besides these minor errors, the model goes very nicely. The fit is great, and the instructions were easy to follow.
  8. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Another marking correction...

    I forgot to include this one...

    On the model, the fuselage stripe wraps around the model, but on the real one, only the sides and bottom have the stripe

  9. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Whew!!! My copy is finished!!! :wink:

    Really looks good when I combined it with Mr. Curell's SS1 :wink:
  10. billmcc

    billmcc Member


    A few pictures of your completed White Knight and SS1 models would be nice.
  11. billmcc

    billmcc Member


    Darn, I almost forgot. Don't show pictures of your White Knight and SS1 models yet if you are competing in the current Kartonbau.de model contest. Showing pictures before the end of the contest is against the rules.

    I am still building my White Knight model. Work prevents me from making much progress.
  12. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Thanks for the reminder Sir!!! :wink:

    I'm not participating in the Kartonbau.de model contest, because I've added Mr. Currell's SS1 (I believe that adding the SS1 is a perfect example of modifying the model, which is also against the rules). But I'll post my build's pics after the contest has concluded

    Just finished with my copy. And it exceeded my expectations!!!
    Really Hope Mr. Mueller's model will win the contest :wink:
  13. billmcc

    billmcc Member


    Here is the only rule I am aware of concerning building a model (or models) for the contest:

    "# Building style
    There is no predescribed way of building the models. Each participant can decide on its own how to build the models."

    So, I think modifications are allowed. Does anyone know for sure if modifications are allowed for this contest?
  14. widget

    widget Member

    Jan, Opened her up with "5" when I got back home from the C-mas visiting with no problem what-so-ever. Thanks for the input.

    I'm more than a little daunted by this one,But I'm sure as smeg going to give it my best shot!!
  15. jmueller

    jmueller Member


    Hi Folks,
    I am more than honoured that so many of you are enjoying my model.
    I am very interested in seeing some photos.

    @ Hans Christian:
    Thanks yor the feed back, there are so many things you just don't see any more when you have been working for weeks on such a model. A few of the errors you mentioned are allready on my to-do-list for version 2. The callsign-bug was new to me. Thanks!!
    Another known bug is the shape of the tailcone of the main fuselage. That
    is due to the lack of sufficient photos at the beginning of the project.

    Happy glueing
  16. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    I am currently working on a new web page. Once this is up, you will find the
    Futurama building as a free download.
    Be patient, since I also have to provide some kind of instruction....
  17. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member


    Thanks to you too sir!!!

    About the tail cone, although it really is a little odd when I looked at Scaled's pics, I think is still fine!

    Another thing, you've probably observed this, the fuselage part behind the cockpit is more slender on the real deal (when I attached the SS1, it sat a little closer to the table, because the fuselage is somewhat a little "fat"), and the tail booms are a bit longer on the original (the tail fins are also somewhat wider, and more straight at the edges, particularly at the bottom...)

    Oh, and please grant us this special request...

    can you add this one?


    This is a decal recording all of the past accomplishments of the Tier One program

    Here's the man, Mr. Burt Rutan, looking at his past achievments on his space program

    But still, I'm very amazed that you've done such an excellent job on this one (despite lacking sufficient info for the aircraft) I'm really awestrucked!

    We'll be on our toes on your version 2!!! (till then, maybe I'll keep on drooling :lol: )

    Thanks for this one sir!!!
  18. jmueller

    jmueller Member

    I'll definitely add this in the next version.
    Thanks a lot. Looks like you have another source of photos than the scaled website. Can you tell which? Private?

  19. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Um, not really... :wink:

    The pics actually came from Scaled's website. They have posted the images from both the X-prize flights

    They have great pics there, especially the White Knight :wink:

    Thanks again sir!!!

  20. billmcc

    billmcc Member


    There is a hole in the front end of part number 1 of your White Knight model. I assume this was done so the front doesn't have a sharp point. This hole needs to be plugged, right? Any suggestions on the best way to plug the hole?

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