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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by robt46, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Hi fellas, Hope this is the right place to put this question. I want to know, which track to use. My local train shop has turnouts by Peco, Walthers,Atlas and others---? After those I stop looking. Hehe. But they only have Atlas and some other track with black ties. I noticed that the atlas flex and the peco turnouts were close in looks. but some of the others seemed to be not matched in looks. I plan on using a pile of turnouts for the yards and the flex on the mainlines. running through the yards. Like to have them comparable. Going to use code 83. Was told that Peco doesn't have flex in code 83 yet. Is this so? Like to get your opinions on this. Need some input. Thanks. Robt.
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    Until recently, Peco track esp the turnouts have had a decidely European look. Depending on the turnover in your LHS and ordering cycle, you may be able to get the newer "American" trackage. A lot depends on how much detail and ease of installation you want. Atlas code 83 on the brown ties works very nicely and dosn't look bad although the molded spikes are a little "gorpy" The others are a little finer but less forgiving. Then we come to turnouts: the looks factor becomes more apparant. I'm just finishing installation of 300' of Atlas code 83 flex and their #8 turnouts but everything I'm putting down right now will be hidden eventually. I wouldn't consider the turnouts for visible trackage but that is my opinion. YMMV
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    Best looking flex and turnouts (so they match - which isn't really necessary) I think are Micro Engineering. However, I think the easiest to use (and to find at the LHS) is Atlas Code 83 stuff. Peco's new ccode 83 turnouts might be a bit hard to find, but you could order on-line if necessary. probably be a better price than the LHS too...


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