Which Kiln enclosure looks best, part 2

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    HI CREW! :wave:

    If you refer to the original thread on this subject, you will find a poll you can still take part in, and some comments the on project, and about the spam in the thread :cry: that our forum admin. took care of nicely. (Thanks)

    So, I'm pasting much of the original thread with the final verision of what my factory will probably look like, if I ever get around to scratch-building it. Thanks to all who voted and commented. I think the last shot best satisfies the consensus.


    Consider these two kilns. I think I'd like to enclose them from the elements. I think it would be typical to have indrustial ovens with at least a roof overhead. I'd like the scene to remain as open as possible, without looking spindley or un-natural.

    Would you all take a moment and look at the three ideas below and give your opinion as to which might turn out best?






    The Consensus

  2. TruckLover

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    I'm likeing the 4th one the best now
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    I like the 4th one the best.

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