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  1. TEE

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    i just blew my stock tc3 engine and i need to replace it. is there any suggestions? i was looking into the o.s. .12 tr. I am looking for speed and reliability. (65 to 75 mph with 2 speed)
  2. SAVAGE123579

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    i have an os cvx with pull start pipe,header, and alluminum heatsink motor mounts i could sell you for 147 shipped
  3. dudex

    dudex Member

    I have a 12tr and the turbo version. Both are very fast and easy to tune. The non-turbo is easier to tune though because it has a 2 needle carb instead of a 3 needle.
  4. An o.s. 18 is a good engine
  5. c496

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  6. c496

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